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Globophobia HDTV_Widescreen WP

Globophobia HDTV/Widescreen Wallpaperpack

Widescreen 16:10
Dual Monitors

*Remember to check out the full version of Globophobia

Download for all sizes and versions
© 2008 - 2021 DuCkliNdpo
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Excelente trabajo, esta imagen se asemeja mucho a una que tuve en un sueño que ha marcado mi vida, y ahora encontrarla para dos monitores me hace sentir tan afortunado. Gracias
I've loved this wallpaper for a very long time and need the 2560x1600 version, it doesn't seem to be in the download?
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Me encanta que buen trabajo :+F:
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thx so much! its beautiful =)
DuCkliNdpo's avatar
glad you like it :)
fathness's avatar
wow.. I'll use this for my desktop!
NekoRaven's avatar
Very cool. I dream of living in places like this, haha.
tonyluffy's avatar
nice .... get it
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I have been looking all over for this one! It's my all-time favorite dual monitor wallpaper. THE BEST! Beautiful.
DuCkliNdpo's avatar
i'm glad you found it!
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Long day searching and finally find an amazing wallpaper to fit my dual monitors.

This is an incredible manipulation, brought together so well and the colours just round it off, well done.
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This deserves Daily Dev if anything does. Is it your own photography?
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Well i'm glad you think so! Well as it's a manip there are lots of source images, mostly from but the girl for example is from here on dA, and some of the grass textures and sky are my own photography.
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Oh, cool. I think it turned out beautifully. Also, I downloaded the trial of CS4 and tried the content-aware scaling. Your artwork served as a wonderful tech demo of how mind-blowing the feature really is. Do you happen to have a link to the house pic you used?
DuCkliNdpo's avatar
glad you like it, i haven't had time to get my hands on cs4 yet, but i'm really stoked about it, it seems quite phenomenal from what i've read. And here's the picture of the house: [link]
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Lovely, I've been looking for a dreamy desktop like that for a while now - it's perfect :)
DuCkliNdpo's avatar
glad you like it :D
i love it,thx!
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awesome work! :thumbsup:
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Thanks for the new desktop, look great on my dual monitor set up.
DuCkliNdpo's avatar
you're welcome!
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Very nice, good work :+fav:
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