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That time he carried me back
The Lieutenant and I didn't have the easiest start as partners. My name is Connor, I'm a CyberLife RK-series prototype, model RK800, serial #313 248 317. I was designed to investigate deviant androids and deal with them, as well as assist the Detroit City Police Department. Lieutenant Anderson on the other hand.. I was assigned to assist him in cases involving androids. But he didn't think too highly of my kind due to some unpleasant past experiences, I believed at the time. But despite his hate towards androids we kept working together. He wasn't afraid to say that I was harassing him and following him around like a poodle.
One day I arrived at his house after not being able to find him at Jimmy's Bar. A new case had just come to my attention. After finding Hank.. Lieutenant Anderson collapsed on the floor I broke the window and went in. Then I met with his dog, Sumo. That marked the first real time I had his back, and as time went on, we started spending some more time together, on a
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Mature content
Inner Demons :iconduckkislv:DuckkisLV 0 0
My fine, feathered friend by DuckkisLV My fine, feathered friend :iconduckkislv:DuckkisLV 4 2 One heck of a dino by DuckkisLV One heck of a dino :iconduckkislv:DuckkisLV 15 1 Heavenly borks by DuckkisLV Heavenly borks :iconduckkislv:DuckkisLV 8 0
#23 - I'll see you someday beneath the cherry tree
It was a beautiful day in Japan. Very beautiful, but nothing out of the ordinary. Rioichi Cooper was on his way to get more fish. He had just very recently opened his sushi restaurant but it had already proved to be a success. The customers just kept coming in and he had again run out of fish. He was on a very good mood. He did everything by himself so his job could be hard, but it was also rewarding because he got to do what he loved. As he walked with light steps toward his favorite fishing spot, he had no idea that this day would change not only his life, but someone else's as well.
As he got closer, he noticed someone in front of his fishing pond. Of course he only saw this person fom behind but could soon tell that it was another raccoon. A female raccoon. She was as white as snow. Rioichi grew curious, and as he started making his way toward this lady, his plan was simple. He was going to politely greet her, maybe ask how she was doing, and then calmly proceed to fish. Rioichi's
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Rimpula by DuckkisLV Rimpula :iconduckkislv:DuckkisLV 1 0 Because life is a party! by DuckkisLV Because life is a party! :iconduckkislv:DuckkisLV 20 1
The start of something beautiful
It was another normal, beautiful day in Ponyville. But for two ponies it would be the one to change their lives forever..
One of the two was a stallion with a light yellow coat. He had a certain glint in the corner of his eye. His name was Flim, and he was just on the road with his twin brother, Flam. They were on their way to Ponyville.
And then there was a light blue alicorn princess who went by the name Evangeline. She was the princess of spring, and was also visiting Ponyville on this very day. It was the first day of the cider season and she waited to taste the famous Apple family cider.
As the Flim Flam brothers arrived to the Apple family farm, they were met with a huge crowd of ponies, some happy and some very grumpy because the Apples had just run out of cider. One of the ponies stood out of the rest even though it wasn't her number one intention. Princess Evangeline was well known in Ponyville because she regularly stopped by for a visit. So as the crowd saw her, everypony bo
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Merry Christmas 2016! by DuckkisLV Merry Christmas 2016! :iconduckkislv:DuckkisLV 14 2
That day was like any other day so far. Jack sat in his room recording a new video. The irish man was obviously super loud, so he had no idea what was going on in his house. To put it shortly, someone had snuck in and now made his way around the house, slowly closing in on Jack. Eventually he started feeling like something was wrong. He straight up shut down his computer and turned around. That's when he saw they guy who invaded his home. He was hanging something up on the ceiling, and he had a familiar face.
"Aaaaghh, Jesus fucking Christ!"
Jack yelled as he jumped up.
"What are you doing here, you swedish meatball?!"
"I wanted to see you, bro,"
this man, Felix, also known as PewDiePie, said with a familiar smirk.
"So you break into my home? What is this, some Hello, Neighbor shit? And what did you hang up on the roof?"
Jack wanted to know. Felix smirked again.
"Well, you know what they say about mistletoes, man,"
he said and pointed up. When Jack glanced up and saw the mistletoe, all
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Wumpa! by DuckkisLV Wumpa! :iconduckkislv:DuckkisLV 10 9 Don't play with fruit by DuckkisLV Don't play with fruit :iconduckkislv:DuckkisLV 1 0
Uru's decision - Nala15 contest entry
It was really peaceful that night. After fleeing from Pride Rock and bumping into Rehema deep in the shelter of the jungle Uru ended up spending the night with him. Hours went by and Rehema had eventually fallen asleep. Uru could feel his warm body right next to hers. She tried to sleep, but found it impossible even though everything around her was calm and greatly soothed her mind. She was far enough from all that had happened back at the place she called home. Uru's ear twitched as a lonely firefly landed on it for a brief moment before leaving once again. She slightly moved her tail closer to her body and rested her head against the soft grass once more. She was restless and knew that she would never be fully at peace if she didn't get all this sorted out. As a Queen this was something that she should be able to handle.
"What am I to do?"
she silently asked herself. She didn't know. As minutes lingered by, she started thinking about everything back home. Her King, a lion she was bet
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Act Casual by DuckkisLV Act Casual :iconduckkislv:DuckkisLV 11 0
#22 - Not letting you go
No one would believe it at first, but even I was afraid of something. Up until this point I had lost everyone who had ever cared about me. Everyone except for Joel. And now I was too close to losing him too. After he had been hurt I had done my best to keep him alive. But the unfortunate truth was that we were almost completely out of anything useful. I had found this abandoned mall, and hidden both Joel and Callus inside of one of the empty stores. I was pretty confident that they would be safe there, so I locked up the store to prevent anyone getting inside and then went on my way to explore the mall.
I told myself to focus on the task at hand, but as I ventured deeper into the mall, I found it hard to keep myself from thinking about everything that had led us here. When I first met Joel, I hadn't trusted him, and he sure hadn't trusted me. I didn't understand it back then, but as time went on and I got to know Joel better, I understood that he had tried to keep me out for a reason.
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Awesome artwork from awesome artists!


Top of the mornin' to ya laddies!

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Recently I've once again been pretty huge into The Last Guardian and I've started working on a couple more Trico drawings.. Cute Turicur is cute. So cute turkey sausage. Anyway, I'll keep working on those Tricos and hopefully get them ready sometime soon. Other than that I've been watcing A LOT of jacksepticeye's videos. If there is a youtuber who can always make me smile, it's him. Anyway, I'll end this little update journal thingy here and go to sleep or something, it's almost 5 am.


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The Lieutenant and I didn't have the easiest start as partners. My name is Connor, I'm a CyberLife RK-series prototype, model RK800, serial #313 248 317. I was designed to investigate deviant androids and deal with them, as well as assist the Detroit City Police Department. Lieutenant Anderson on the other hand.. I was assigned to assist him in cases involving androids. But he didn't think too highly of my kind due to some unpleasant past experiences, I believed at the time. But despite his hate towards androids we kept working together. He wasn't afraid to say that I was harassing him and following him around like a poodle.

One day I arrived at his house after not being able to find him at Jimmy's Bar. A new case had just come to my attention. After finding Hank.. Lieutenant Anderson collapsed on the floor I broke the window and went in. Then I met with his dog, Sumo. That marked the first real time I had his back, and as time went on, we started spending some more time together, on and off mission. I would occasionally carry him back home from the bar when he was way too intoxicated for his own good. He would basically rest against my back as we walked down the street and into a then quiet park which had a view of the coastal area. He was holding a bottle of whiskey in his right hand, while his other hand was loosely wrapped around my neck and resting against my chest. I was giving him a piggyback ride. He kept saying how he was going to throw up soon if I didn't let him down. I cooperated and let him down to sit on a bench.

More time passed and due to our work we saw each other every day, working together solving the ever increasing deviant cases. One day, working on yet another case, I saved his life by gunning down an armed deviant. I wanted to catch it alive, but Hank's life was more important. He was my partner, after all.

Then came that one day. That one case. Another dangerous deviant. We arrived at the scene together, but I knew that Hank wasn't still feeling too good after drinking quite heavily last night, and so I volunteered to scope the place out while he took a breather. He absolutely, sharply denied me from doing such a thing, but I assured him that I would be alright.
"I always accomplish my mission, Hank. I will be alright",
I said and went on my way against his orders. I found the deviant, hiding in a coop built for android chickens. None were present at the time, only him. The rather strong-looking android. Not exactly heavily built, that would have been the wrong way to describe it. He just was all synthetic muscle, and much taller than I am. I didn't detect him carrying any firearms and so believed that I would be able to handle him. First I did try reasoning with him, hoping that I would be able to achieve success without any casualties, be it android or human. The deviant stood up. He was growing unstable and my words did not seem to be able to calm him the way I had hoped. As I spoke to him, his stress level continued to rise. And then.. he attacked. Using only his bare hands, nothing else. I wasn't an incompetent fighter and could move fast and with little effort, but I had little chance in besting him. Blow after blow hit their target. Forehead, chest, whatever he could hit. My face, and my clothes, were soon stained with blue. I did my best countering his blows, but they were not good enough. I wasn't good enough. And as I grabbed his strong arm, he took me by the throat. And he squeezed, hard. As I tried to resist, to stop him, he made his next sudden move and violently tore off a lower part of my right arm, soon repeating this action and tearing off my right leg, too, causing me to fall down on the hard floor. And then.. I could do nothing but watch as he bolted, ran for his life.

I tried calling for my partner, while laying helplessly on the floor, trying to slowly crawl forward using my remaining arm. It was hard.

"Hank, I need help!"

I called out to him again, hoping that he would hear it. And not too long after that I could sense the ground shaking just a little as he ran towards my location with heavy steps, fueled by worry as well as slight anger. Typical Hank. And as he entered and saw me laying helplessly on the floor, the first thing that came from his mouth was:

"Jesus, Connor!"

And then he ran to me and lifted me up, on his arms with no effort at all. As he held me, I almost carefully let my head rest against his own, slumped against his human body. A blue streak traveled from my forehead right across my face, all the way over my cheek and continuing down to the side of my neck.

"Lieutenant.. You should go.."

I said to him, unwilling to move my head and just rest it against his familiar, safe frame. Hank wasn't going to have any of it.
"Shut up and stay still, Connor! You think I'm gonna leave you like this?"
he asked with a gruff voice filled with worry. The same kind of worry he surely had felt before in his life, too. And then he started walking out of the chicken coop which was empty, apart from my arm and leg which now lay abandoned on the floor, and the drops of blue coloring the ground around them.
"I'm going to get you out of here and you'll be alright in no time. You hear me, Connor? Son, you'll be okay",
he reassured, holding me tighter in his arms.
"Don't you dare give up on me, now. Not after you've first come into my life and turned it all upside down and back again! I'm going to take you home and we'll.. we'll fix you right up."
I didn't respond, but I recognised and made notice of every word he said. The common belief is that androids don't feel pain or anything, but when I was there, carried by Hank, I felt something. I felt safe. And so I continued to rest my head against my savior, the only true father figure I'd ever had. Hank wasn't my creator, but he'd saved me the way no one else would be able to. I owed my life to him. My remaining arm was wrapped around his neck, and as he walked away, still holding me, he remarked:
"Jesus! You are very heavy!"

Three times I had carried Hank and now, one time he carried me back.
That time he carried me back
So I saw some really awesome Detroit: Become Human fanart in Twitter and as I read the comments I noticed the wish of seeing some fanfiction written based on the art. I replied to that thread and got an excited reaction so I decided to get back to writing after such a long hiatus. I myself finished my first Detroit playthrough last night and I'm just so in love with this game. Connor and Hank are my babies.

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"There's the case that makes you, and the case that breaks you."

It all began on a grey, rainy Sunday evening at around 7 pm. A young girl was on her way home. She was alone. Given the weather it was understandable that most people were at their homes. She never saw or heard anyone else, if you don't count the cars that occasionally passed by. She was just walking past a park, not too far from her home, when something happened. Someone had been following her without her even knowing. This young girl's life got to an end on that evening. Shrouded in mystery, with seemingly no witnesses. But there is always another side to things..

The following day started just like the previous one. It wasn't raining at that moment, but everything was dull and grey. And that morning was nothing out of the ordinary at the Central Police Station. There were always new crimes to solve and new criminals to apprehend. But detective Cole Phelps would soon start to understand that the first case of his day, as familiar as it might be, would also be so different than the previous ones.

Cole and his current partner, Rusty were told that someone had found a body in the park. The body of a young girl. That alone was enough to make Cole look a little spooked. Despite everything he had seen, the thought of a dead child made him feel uneasy, mainly because it made him think of his two daughters.
After a few short moments of silence Cole knelt down next to the victim.
"There are signs of strangulation,"
he said, pointing out the clear marks around the victim's neck. Whoever was behind this, had clearly used some force.
"And.. this of course has to be verified, but from the looks of it I have to say that.."
"She's been raped, Phelps. Get used to it,"
said Rusty, also kneeling down and looking at the body.
"Rusty, this is a little girl,"
Cole had to say, looking slightly uneasy.
"And she lived in a sick, twisted world. You know that the same as I do."
Rusty's statement didn't surprise Cole. He was far less compassionate than what Cole himself could be, depending on the situation. And right now, Cole felt sorry for this girl. Little did he know that this was only the start of a very bad day.
"Well.. we have to find out who's the perp behind this.."
he then thought mostly to himself.
"I think I might have something to start with,"
he then heard a familiar voice coming from behind him. It was his old partner, Stefan Bekowsky. Could be one of his favorite partners so far.
"Good to see you, Cole,"
Bekowsky said. He was one of the few to mostly talk to Cole using his first name.
"I just wish that I had some better news to tell."
"Well, let's hear them,"
Cole said, standing up.
"Alright, then. I drove around here last night. I saw only two people walking on the streets. One of them was most likely the girl that we're looking at now. And the other one.. well, hate to break it to you, Cole, but it looked like your brother. He walked slightly behind this girl. Kind of looked like he could have been following her but I wasn't sure about it."
Stefan's statement took Cole by surprise. Of course he knew that his younger brother wasn't exactly in the clear, but he'd never thought that he could do something like this.
"And.. you're sure that it was him?"
he then proceeded to ask Bekowsky. This had to be some kind of a sick joke.
"Well.. you and I both know that he has very.. distinctive features,"
Stefan added. Cole knew what he referred to. Half of his brother's, Everett's face had burned during the war. It was true that you didn't see those features on every passer-by.
"She's going to be taken to the morgue and the coroner will take a look at her. I assume we can continue this conversation at the station?"
Cole finally said, changing the subject. Stefan agreed and drove off the scene. Cole and Rusty waited until the body had been taken away and then also left.

After they had arrived at the Central Police Station, Rusty went on to do whatever he had in mind, and Cole started looking for Bekowsky. He didn't have to look too far, and eventually they both sat down. Bekowsky repeated how he'd seen both the victim and supposedly Everett walking on the street.
"He looked like he was drunk,"
Stefan recalled.
"And maybe even something else. He was certainly not completely on this planet. He might have been tailing the girl."
"Who was tailing the girl?"
they heard a voice ask, and Stefan groaned. He didn't exactly see eye to eye with that man. Roy Earle appeared from around the corner. He always arrived when you least expected him to. He had that same smug look on his face like he always did. Cole still thought that he looked like a damn movie star.
"Everett.. Phelps,"
Stefan added without looking Roy in the eye. His unbearable smile grew a little wider as he heard that.
"Oh. That junkie,"
he said ruthlessly. Of course he'd already heard of the dead girl, just pretended like it had been new to him.
"That makes this my case, Phelps. Have that sack of shit brought in,"
he then said to some poor, unsuspecting officer that walked by.
"Yes, detective.."
the officer said, just wanting to get Earle off his back as fast as possible.
"You keep sniffing up these dead people, Cole,"
Roy then said, lifting his chin up.
"I'm going to see this thing about your brother."
Everett and Roy hated each other, everyone knew that. But maybe that was why Roy was so eager to deal with him. He could never skip an opportunity to say mean things to somebody.
"Don't sprain your neck, Earle,"
Bekowsky said in a mocking tone as Roy lifted his chin up even more. This caused Roy to give him a sour look before walking away.
"Finally he's gone. And without any nasty remarks,"
Bekowsky said.
"I might have for once hit him where it hurts."
Cole nodded, deep in thought.
"And he might eventually hit back,"
he thought it was wise to add. Stefan thought so too.
"I bet. That backstabbing son of a bitch does whatever he can to remind others of their places. What are you going to do now?"
he asked from Cole.
"I guess I have to go and make sure that Roy doesn't take things too far with Everett.."
he replied with a sigh.
"Good luck with that. I can't say that I envy you. What do you say we hit the bar a little later? Any one of the places that Earle would never step into,"
Stefan suggested. Cole thought about it for a little while. He didn't visit bars too frequently but for once didn't feel like refusing.
"I'll think about it. I just might need something like that after today,"
he said, to which Stefan nodded.
"Good. I'll see you later, then. Good luck with mr. Snob out there."
"Thanks, Stefan. I'll need it."

As expected, Roy Earle didn't waste any time getting Everett picked up and brought to the station. And of course he was there waiting for him, ready to deal a few nasty, verbal hits on him. In his still drunken state Everett wasn't capable of doing much else than ramble this and that and deal a few low, verbal blows on Roy. And of course he didn't forget to call him the same old names like he always did.  Everett hated Roy with passion, and Roy hated him back all the same. None of them even tried to hide it. Cole couldn't help it, he felt ashamed for his brother's actions. And that was just putting it lightly.
Eventually, after listening to Everett's dull insults Roy decided that he'd heard enough. He straight up ordered that Everett was to be thrown into a cell. And that happened. Surely Roy was more than satisfied to see the good for nothing lowlife behind bars.
"Suits you just right,"
he said to the younger Phelps before they took him away.

Later that evening, despite already more or less promising to hit a bar with Stefan, Cole never showed up. Instead, Stefan finally found him back at the station, going through case notes, or whatever. Drowning himself in work, basically.
"What are you doing here, Cole?"
Stefan asked as he stepped in.
"Working, Stefan. I'm working,"
Cole replied without even lifting his gaze. His voice sounded dull and didn't have the usual energy in it. He sounded.. almost worn out. Stefan didn't remember seeing Cole just like that ever before.
"At this hour? Cole, I know you're hardworking but aren't even you taking this too far now?"
Stefan then had to ask. And then, finally Cole lifted his head and looked at Stefan, revealing how tired he indeed looked. The whole incident that his brother had caused, what he had done.. It had its impact on Cole. Looked like it hit him at full force, even.
"I just want to forget, Stefan,"
Cole added, again with that nearly lifeless voice. He really sounded like he was feeling down. Unfortunately Stefan had never been a good shoulder to cry on, mostly because he never seemed to know how he was supposed to act and what he was supposed to say. And so, while Stefan was still battling with finding the right thing to say, Cole suddenly continued:
"You can go home, Stefan. I'll stay here for a while longer, just.. look at things from different angles."
Stefan, feeling like he wasn't much help to Cole, just nodded briefly and said:
"Just.. try not to work too hard."
Cole looked at him for a short while and then also nodded. But not in a determinate manner like normally. He was tired of this situation, exhausted, even. And yet he couldn't stop thinking about it.
"Good night, Stefan.."
he quietly added, before getting back to his things. And after Stefan had walked out, he felt the urge to kick himself. He knew that he should have said something.. something else. Cole looked like he needed help. Or maybe just someone to listen to him. Stefan just wasn't that person, as unfortunate as it was. All he could do before hopping in his car and leaving, was hope that Cole would be alright by himself.

No. Cole wasn't alright. After Stefan had walked out of the room and left the building, Cole stopped whatever so-called work he had been doing, and just sat in his chair, burying his face in his hands. This was it. His brother had done something that he'd never believed he would have done. Something unacceptable. And Cole didn't see a way out of it. No matter how much he tried to drown himself in work, it didn't help. Not this time. He was done. He couldn't work on this case anymore. Never before had he backed out from investigation, but now.. he didn't see any other choice. He couldn't go on. This case would destroy him. Possibly it already had. When he finally left the building and went back home, his normally empty and desk was a mess of papers. Cole drove straight home, and once he got there, he barely said anything. He just went to bed and stayed there until next morning, barely having any sleep.

The next day Cole didn't show up at work. Instead he left home and eventually stopped in front of Everett's house. It was nothing spectacular, a single-storey house, but Everett had always made sure to keep it well maintained, both indoors and outdoors. But now, as Cole walked through the slightly overgrown front yard and got to the door, he saw it open a crack. And so, as he pushed the door open, he was met with a mess. Popcorn cups, both empty and half-empty, now decorated both the floors and counters. And that wasn't all. The popcorn cups were accompanied by morphine syrettes. As Cole stood there and thought about it, something came to his mind. Just yesterday Stefan had told how Everett looked like he wasn't on this planet. Now it looked like this was the explanation.

The house was seemingly empty, but Cole knew that Everett didn't live by himself. And so he continued the search, and eventually came to a closet which was only slightly open. And as he opened it, he saw Everett's little girl hiding inside. She looked scared and skinny. A few bruises could be seen in her face and arms, suggesting that someone might have been way too rough with her. Everett being the most likely candidate.
"You can come out, it's alright,"
Cole said to the child. And finally she came out, hugging a doll against her chest. The girl, named Emma, looked fearful. And as Cole knelt down in front of the kid and asked her to tell what was wrong, and what had happened in this household, she stood there, silent. But Cole knew the girl and gave her some time, and eventually she started telling that she was scared of her father, who had behaved unusually and acted angry. Emma then added that Everett had been needlessly rough with her, which would explains the bruises. Shortly after that Everett had left the house and the girl hadn't seen him since. Cole knew that this wasn't a proper way for a young girl to live and offered her a place at his house. She could get something to eat because it was apparent that she hadn't even seen proper food in days.

After Cole left the house with her, he knew that he had done the best thing for the girl. Everett would eventually face the punishment for what he'd done. And as for Cole... he would have to find a way to live with it.
Inner Demons
"Inner Demons" was a working title from the start. I thought to change it, but during these many months it grew on me. This story features original characters in addition to the ones in the games. The two OCs in this belong to my friend. The story will mostly focus on Cole. What will you do when someone you know does something awful? Rated M just to be safe.


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Hey, everyone! I like quite a lot of things, starting from writing and drawing. Out of those two especially writing is very close to my heart. It has pretty much taken over. Animals are also something that I love very much, especially dogs, cats, wolves and birds. My life would be so different without my stupid little dog. He's so annoying sometimes, but I couldn't imagine life without him anymore. And speaking of animals, I love going around town and taking photos of different animals with my cellphone's crappy camera if I get the chance. I might just be sitting at the bus station, waiting for bus, and if I for example see a bird walking from in front of me, I just have to take a photo of that. I've got quite a few photos stored up in my cellphone's memory. I think I seriously need a proper camera. And when it comes to photos and just admiring the scenery, sunsets are also something I love to both watch and take photos of. I'm not a very sociable person, I just like to spend my time with animals and taking photos of everything.

Other than those things already mentioned I also love music (couldn't live without it), sleeping and eating. There's almost nothing better than good food. I'm not a very good cook even though I've got a chef's degree. It's not my passion, but at the time I didn't know what else I'd do with my life (I still don't know) but I had to do something with my time. I love watching cooking etc shows on tv though, and Gordon Ramsay is one of my biggest idols/role models. Everytime one of his shows airs on tv, I'll be sure to watch it. Hell's Kitchen was one of the first tv shows I really remember watching.
I'm also a huge user of video games. I just love them. Playing video games is something I'm really good at. If I only got paid for sleeping, eating and playing video games, I'd be the happiest woman on earth : D
And if I'm not playing games myself, I'm often on YouTube watching some let's plays. Markiplier, jacksepticeye, Stephen Georg (StephenVlog and StephenPlays), Cry, DashieXP, LordMinion777 and a finnish gaming group called LaeppaVika are some of my absolute favorites. I can spend so much time with all these guys, it's like they're all my friends, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

But of course there also are things I really dislike. For example spiders. I'm so afraid of them, it's insane. Other things include waking up early, all kinds of wars and fighting, animal abuse.. and so on.

I'm usually a pretty friendly, but socially very awkward person, who doesn't have many friends IRL. On the internet things are quite different. I care about nature and animals and can't stand people who throw their trash out on the street or anything like that. My temper is very short, and people who know me, are well aware of that. I'm super easy to get annoyed. I also find it very hard to accept advice from others, I always want to do things my way. I love my best friend, but I still need some own space and time on a daily basis, when I can decide what I want to do without having to care about others. Sometimes I even feel like I'm afraid of other people. I'm, depending on things of course, pretty easily scared, but I still love horror games and films. During night time my imagination often starts running wild and I can imagine some things happening even though everything's actually normal, like usual. I might have a fear of isolation, even though I only get thoughts like this when I'm by myself in my apartment. I like to have some alone time every now and then, but I still feel kind of isolated sometimes.

And when things come to art.. Well, to be honest, half the time I don't think that the things I do are good enough. I'd like to, but I always compare them to things that other, more skilled artists have made. I see all the differences and then I just almost want to quit this whole art thing. I always think differently on the following day, but it's still not nice to think like this. To think that my art just isn't good enough.

Current Residence: Finland
Favourite genre of music: quite a few, depends on my mood
Favourite style of art: traditional, literature, photography too
Favourite cartoon character: absolutely too many to make a correct list
Personal Quote: "Don't ever give up."


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