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Cheshire Cat Tattoo

my love, the cheshire cat

I have had a lot pf people ask to use this for tattoos, logos, websites, etc. I do not mind if people use this design, however I do have a couple of rules.

1. If you want to use the design for commercial purposes (i.e. using the design with something that will bring in money) I do require at least a $5 donation. Once you have donated, feel free to use the design however you like, as long as you give me credit.

2. Do not sell the design itself. You can sell items that have this design on it, like T-shirts, but do not sell the image.

3. Do not claim this image as your own design.

4. Feel free to use it for tattoos, although I always love seeing finished products! And again, donations are always welcome!

5. You can alter the image as needed, but I still expect to receive some credit.

6. I will not limit the use of this design. Keep in mind that donating does not give you exclusive rights to this design. Other people have used it for various uses, and will continue to do so.

If you need to ask questions, or want to donate, please send me an email at I accept paypal for donations.

Starting May 26 I will start doing some commissions again. If you are interested in a custom design, please email me.
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this is cute tattoo. i'll keep it in mind. well done
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I have this as a decal on my rear windshield. :D
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I got this design tattooed on my shoulder blade! It's so wonderful and unique. I loved it.…
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I've been looking for a suitable logo for myself (non-commercial use) for ages, and I adore the Cheshire Cat. I'd like to use it in my Youtube videos if that's okay?
If it is, how would you like me to credit you? Your name, the link or both?
Kind Regards
Frankie T
is-sy's avatar
I love this! Would you mind if I used this design for a tattoo on my back? I'd love to share the finished product with you, too! :)
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I think I might get this for a tattoo. I love you for designing this. o. o Lol. :la:
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May I use this design for an ankle tattoo? I wasn't going to bring in money from the design, but I thought it'd be safe to ask you first. :)
duckey5's avatar
Of course! I'd love to see a picture of the finished tattoo!
Jhonenfan777's avatar
Thank you so much! :)
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omg, it's absolutely fantastic! One of very few tattoo designs that make me wanna go and get one!
FelesFelicis's avatar
Would you mind if I used this on a RP blog I'm working on? :D[link]
duckey5's avatar
Feel free, thank you for asking first!
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Hi! I really liked this design, would you mind if I use it on some flyers and t-shirts for a physics event I'm helping to organize? There is no money involved, it is a science dissemination project, to teach modern physics to high school kids.
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Sure, as long as you're not selling anything with the design on it!
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Could I use this as a tattoo possibility? I'm looking at different designs to use; possibly getting a tattoo tomorrow.. :)
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hi! i really like this design and i was wondering if i could make a print of it for my art class, ill credit you

if you say no i completely understand : )
duckey5's avatar
sure, feel free, and thanks for asking!
Stefdonyx's avatar
no prob!
yay thx!! ill upload it here it as soon as i can : )
lildarkangel88's avatar
love this alot nice job
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