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Cheshire Cat Tattoo



my love, the cheshire cat

I have had a lot pf people ask to use this for tattoos, logos, websites, etc. I do not mind if people use this design, however I do have a couple of rules.

1. If you want to use the design for commercial purposes (i.e. using the design with something that will bring in money) I do require at least a $5 donation. Once you have donated, feel free to use the design however you like, as long as you give me credit.

2. Do not sell the design itself. You can sell items that have this design on it, like T-shirts, but do not sell the image.

3. Do not claim this image as your own design.

4. Feel free to use it for tattoos, although I always love seeing finished products! And again, donations are always welcome!

5. You can alter the image as needed, but I still expect to receive some credit.

6. I will not limit the use of this design. Keep in mind that donating does not give you exclusive rights to this design. Other people have used it for various uses, and will continue to do so.

If you need to ask questions, or want to donate, please send me an email at I accept paypal for donations.

Starting May 26 I will start doing some commissions again. If you are interested in a custom design, please email me.
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this is cute tattoo. i'll keep it in mind. well done