Steve's Quest - Part 1: Awakening

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My name is Steve, and this is my story. I am writing it down for you who will come after me. I do not know if you find this, but I simply cannot move on and depart this world without leaving a guide for those unfortunate souls that may come here one day. I will include a map with my shelter and handful of useful places marked on it. You will need all the help you can get to survive here and you deserve to know the truth. But let’s go back to the beginning. If you are to understand this place, you have to know it all.

I woke up here a long time ago with no memory of who or where I am. The land was unfamiliar and wild, with large forests, spanning through the continent, rivers and lakes with crystal clear water, tall mountains and hellishly deep ravines. There was no sign of human hand, all was wild and untamed.

After a moment of confusion I realised I have to do something. My basic instincts kicked in and I began searching for food. Soon I realized I would need some tools. But how was I supposed to get them? I vaguely remembered shreds of information about some primitive folk, who used stone weapons. Well, stones and trees were all around me. I gathered some bigger stones and broke off few branches. Then I just needed to create my first tool right? However, I had no idea how. Finally after a few moments of hopelessness I simply tried to shape one rock with another. It worked! My hands were moving as if I was used to shape rocks this way!

I quickly created a primitive axe, using one good branch as handle and tree fibre to hold it all together. Encouraged by my success I crafted a handful of other tools including knife and a hammer. But then I started to get hungry so I resumed my search for food. I won’t lie to you, I was quite desperate.  I did encounter some wild animals, which were strangely ignorant of humans, but my attempt to hunt one deer down ended in utter failure.

I was saved by a bunch of wild potatoes. I quickly gathered them, along with their seeds, although I actually didn’t know why I took the seeds too. Raw potato is not exactly my favourite food, but it silenced my stomach. I then quenched my thirst from a nearby pond and resumed exploration of this strange world. I found a way out of the woods and searched a large part of neighbouring plains, when the sun finally went down.

I scolded myself for my stupidity for I completely forgot to think about the night. I returned to the edge of the forest and began chopping down some smaller trees, hoping to build some basic shelter, when I heard strange noise. I turned around staring into the darkness, but I couldn’t find the source. If only I had some torches than. I resumed working on my shelter, dismissing the sound as a mere trick of my baffled mind. And then I heard it again. It was much closer. This time I did find the culprit. In one moment I was staring at a silhouette of a grown man and in the next one I was screaming in panic, running as fast as I could.

The thing may have been human once, but now it was not. I intentionally use IT when I write about it, because it wasn’t human anymore. It was a dead body, moving on its own. It followed me for almost half of the night. Only then I managed to shake it off. I collapsed on the ground, completely exhausted from the flight. I managed to cover myself by some fallen branches and leaves but that was all. My mind, tired, confused and terrified at once, gave up and I fell into an uneasy slumber.
A new soul arrived to the hostile word and found Steve's message. What is Steave trying to tell this newcomer and what meaning is behind his cryptic messages?

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