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Mermay 2021 - Coral Reef


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Beyond the veil


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Lil girl

No Name so far....

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if you go down.....

Nature photography

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Early Advent Morning

Photograpy various

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Knight Errant Night Patrol


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How to get Popular as an Artist (EDIT)

EDIT: Sooooo, this journal definitely proved my thoughts and point. Congratulations to myself, this is ironically my most popular journal on my DA. NOW! I want to clear something first as many people seem to be mistaking and sort of bashing in the comments. People who do this type of content are not bad nor should be shamed. That is, if you really enjoy doing this type of content, there is nothing wrong drawing your favorite characters, wolves, cats, sexual content, tutorials, ect. (minus the drama... like seriously, this world needs less of that). I'm just a WEEE BIT tired of seeing young people and people that do art go straight into doing


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Various natural sciences

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,', Blade of Lai Won ,',

Artisan Craft

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Sweet Satisfaction

Photography Still Life - Food and drink

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Fractured Owls


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For me

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Chatabend Umfrage, Prompt Februar 2020

Hallo Schreiberlinge, viele Unternehmen mussten in der vergangenen Woche ihre Betriebsstätten schließen. Nun heißt es für viele von uns zu Hause bleiben oder von zu Hause arbeiten. Das beste was jeder einzelne von uns tun kann, ist einfach daheim bleiben, vielleicht sogar auf dem Sofa oder im Bett. Damit ihr in der nächsten Zeit nicht aus Langeweile die Sandkörner auf eurem Fußabtreter oder gar die Noppen eurer Raufasertapete zählt, haben wir was für euch. Dann kann die Zeit der Isolation sowie die des HomeOffice ja kommen! Manchmal ist das einzige, was man tun kann, sich eine Weile abzulenken.

Features of my work

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Small mammals photo tutorial


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I Ain't Yer Fella

Fun Stuff

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Fifty Shades of Fan Fiction

Is fan fiction art?  Those who make a hobby from reading stories based on characters or settings from original works have all said the same exact sentence at some point in their fan fiction travels: "Fan fiction is better than many published books I've read." I know what you're thinking, and it's probably partly my fault for this journal’s title.  Depending on your cup of tea, fan fiction as a genre gets either a bad rap for tending to have romantic/erotic themes or has the best romantic/erotic themes.  Let's just get that out of our systems for a second.  Adult things exist on the Internet, and when you don't need to worry about "real

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DIY luxurious Gothic Underwear/Panties + Pattern

Sewing Inspiration

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Lost and Disheartened

Stocks I used

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