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[CLOSED] Pastel Pearls

whats up lets go gamers we're doing transforming pals now YEEHAW
This adopt is fully art/customs only!

For art, i'm looking for anyone who'd be able to draw couple art, feminine characters or willing to work with CS characters.
For customs, i'm looking for humanoid designs! Includes but not limited to taurs, satyrs, wacky hybrids, etc.

Please link examples of what you're offering and estimated time it will take by commenting below!
I will not wait over 4 months with no updates

belongs to flickermouse

Buyer will receive a hi-res version, .png and unsold watermarks removed
You may not resell for higher unless they have extra commissioned art
You may do minor changes to the design itself
Do not alter the original artwork
Credit me at least once when you post the art for the first time!
Contact me about commercial use
Full T.O.S
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Can't resist the colours and a good jackalope concept! :D

> I can offer 2 full character, full background pieces in similar style/finish to these: Sample 1 | Sample 2 | Sample 3 (I have done a lot of underwater scenes and dinosaurs recently, lol)

OR I could do 3 art pieces with simpler backgrounds

> You can see examples of art I've done for CS that I own and partake in: Curios | Daiten

> I'm still building up a portfolio of character designs but also very happy to offer a character design in exchange, really comfortable with humans/humanoid, anthro, paranormal, feral, mythological, etc.

In terms of timescales, I like to aim for 1 month, but definitely no longer than 2 months

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hello!! i'd love to take up on your offer ^^ i'll note you the details in a bit :]

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Can I DM you an offer on discord? <3

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i'd like to keep all offers on the deviation for now leaf :0c thanks for askin tho!

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I can offer a custom design in this style: (my art style has improved a bit since this one but it's the most recent example I could find ^^') I can also provide shaded/rendered versions and colored lines! I can probably get this done within 2-3 months (I will have plenty of time after November 21 but will probably start beforehand!)

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leaaffff you've def improved a lot!! i've picked another offer though, but thank you for ofering! whenever yer free we can do a trade (or i could commission you cough cough)

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dang i really love them so much! i could offer about $50 worth of art, your choice? for examples (would consider clay sculpts as well, open to discuss)

turnaround would depend on type, pixels would be ~2 weeks, clay up to 2 months depending!

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hello! i love your crafts and lil pixels but i've gone with another offer ;w; thanks for offering! i'll keep ya in mind tho, i'd love to get a clay sculpt from ya soon!

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