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[CLOSED] GnS GA - Hearty November

Howdy fellas! Here's a surprise guide and seek pals for nov! They've been off the mainland for a while and now have returned to show their newly gained craft and skilsss
Both guide and seeker are natural types!

Payment must be made 36hr after claiming
Buyer will receive a hi-res version, .png and unsold watermarks removed
You may not resell for higher unless they have extra commissioned art
You may do minor changes to the design itself
Do not alter the original artwork
Credit me at least once when you post the art for the first time!
Contact me about commercial use

Full T.O.S || Guide and Seeker TOS

Jingling Bird Bells - TheWyvernAndTheFox
The seeker adores the birds they've met on the travels. So much so they've picked up the ways of sculpting! Always accompanied by a bird pebbling, lovingly crafted and painted.

Beary Cherry Pie - Boxgore
The smell of freshly baked goods and delicious soup has warmed this guide's heart. They've picked up the skill to cook and bake the most delcious cherry flavoured pie (and soup ?)!

Comment below to claim!

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TheWyvernAndTheFox's avatar

Forever late to the party, but can I nab Jingling Bird Bells? :D

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not late at all mate ^^ please send 65 usd here:

make sure not to add address in and leave your username in the notes :]

once paid, i can set a toyhouse transfer or note ya the files ^^ thank you!

TheWyvernAndTheFox's avatar

Aye aye, all sent! Thank you so much. <3 A Toyhouse transfer would be great. I'm Scythe over there:

ducclord's avatar

got it! ^^ should be transferred :] i'll let the mods know to update the ml as well!

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can I get the guide 😳

ducclord's avatar

hell yea my dude ovo)b please send 65USD here:

would ya like th transfer or should i dm ya the files?

Boxgore's avatar

Th transfer pls and paid 💖

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just a big guy!! with real smal friends!!

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