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[GnS] Pets A Guide's Best Friend

W when you when when you y you when you w walk in the park a and y you when you uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
its international lesbian day, here's a chaotic disaster lesbian gettin caught in the red (and blue!) string of fate with her crush

also yeas, gita has a bread leafree (gift from the seeker gfs! who forgot to tell her how absolutely manic the leafree can be) and viola has a pobble who she walks around with a watering hose (gotta keep em hyrdated)

what are the odds you meet your rival in the park one day eh?

i like to think that gita was just takin her bread out for a walk and viola from miles away saw her, ready to scramble away but oops! cat saw a lil strawb mouse and ran after, pobble decided at that moment they wanna jump and play and behold, the two got dragged and bumped into each other. neat!

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