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Hello, everyone. In this DeviantART Journal entry, I'll be showcasing some of my best stuff from this past year. Of course, you can find more of my work in the Gallery part of my profile page. In 2020, I had a bunch of digital stuff, a few paintings and a couple charcoal portraits. But below is my best work from 2020.

Disney fan art (acrylic paint):


More Disney fan art:

Princess Calla

Charcoal portrait of Sean Connery:

Sean Connery

A collection of cartoon characters from 1961:

TV Animation - 1961

Arnold Schwarzenegger fan art:

Get to da choppa!

Slipknot fan art (acrylic painting):


A Bond Girl from a James Bond video game:

Bond Girls - Nicole Hunter

Yet more Disney fan art (acrylic paint):

Mickey and Minnie

And, even more Disney fan art:

Webby Vanderquack

Gargoyles fan art:

No Time to Die

Jurassic Park fan art:

Jurassic Park finale

An acrylic paint portrait of college hockey player Max Ellis:

Max Ellis

Thanks for viewing, and check out my Gallery for more!

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