TV Animation series 1949-1959

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Hello, everyone. In this DeviantART Journal entry I'll be showcasing part of my "History of TV Animation" series. Because of my love of TV animation, I'm doing research and creating a series of drawings for each year, depicting some of the TV cartoon characters that debuted those particular years. At the time of writing this, I'm working my way through the 1960's. But this journal post will showcase the drawings I already did for the previous decade. (Note: there wasn't much going on between 1950 and '56, so those characters are combined into one drawing.)

TV Animation - 1949
TV Animation - 1950-1956
TV Animation - 1957
TV Animation - 1958
TV Animation - 1959

Thanks for viewing and check out my Gallery for more!

- DubyaScott DubyaScott

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