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Hello, everyone. In this DeviantART Journal entry I'll be showcasing some of my "garg-ified" movie posters...Gargoyles spoofs on popular movie posters. I'm doing a whole series of these. This is just 11-20 of the series. (Actually only 9 of these here are based on movie posters. One is based on a video game box art.) More of my Gargoyles work can be seen in the Gargoyles section of my gallery.

Fifty Shades of Garg
The Angry Gargs Movie
Gargoyle Park
Steel Clan 11
Gargoyles - Attack of the Clones
No Time to Die
Die Hard
The Lord of the Eggs: The Fellowship of the Eggs
The Lord of the Eggs: The Two Archmages
The Lord of the Eggs: The Return of the King

Thanks for viewing, and check out my Gallery for more!

- DubyaScott DubyaScott

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