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TV Animation - 1963



- Ink on paper, plus digital work
- June 2021

These are animated cartoon characters that debuted on American television in 1963.

Left to right:
Hercules - The Mighty Hercules
Rod Rocket - Rod Rocket
Buzzer Bell - The Funny Company
Casper the Friendly Ghost - The New Casper Cartoon Show
Tennessee Tuxedo - Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales
Chumley - Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales

A little background:
The Funny Company was an educational cartoon that included a live-action segment within the 6-minute cartoon.

Even though Casper first appeared (in animated form) in theatrical shorts in the late 1940's, 1963 was the first time there were new Casper cartoons animated specifically for television.

The Mighty Hercules featured many characters and creatures from Greek mythology. But, unlike the mythology, a special ring Hercules wore granted him his powers.

The sources I found said Rod Rocket was in color. But all the pictures and video I found were in black-and-white. So I drew him in black-and-white.

Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales is my favorite from this year. A segment in that half-hour show also featured Commander McBragg. I also have to add, Tennessee Tuxedo's voice was provided by actor Don Adams (the dude from Get Smart).

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you want to see more, check out the "History of TV Animation" section of my gallery.

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