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Star Wars, James Bond, Superhero films, Three Stooges, Slap Shot, Film noir
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Coheed and Cambria
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Comic books
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Chrono Trigger, Tomb Raider, Mirror's Edge, Assassin's Creed Odyssey
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Animation, Hockey

TV Animation series 1949-1959

TV Animation series 1949-1959

Hello, everyone. In this DeviantART Journal entry I'll be showcasing part of my "History of TV Animation" series. Because of my love of TV animation, I'm doing research and creating a series of drawings for each year, depicting some of the TV cartoon characters that debuted those particular years. At the time of writing this, I'm working my way through the 1960's. But this journal post will showcase the drawings I already did for the previous decade. (Note: there wasn't much going on between 1950 and '56, so those characters are combined into one drawing.) Thanks for viewing and check out my Gallery for more! - DubyaScott

Garg-ified movie posters 11-20

Garg-ified movie posters 11-20

Hello, everyone. In this DeviantART Journal entry I'll be showcasing some of my "garg-ified" movie posters...Gargoyles spoofs on popular movie posters. I'm doing a whole series of these. This is just 11-20 of the series. (Actually only 9 of these here are based on movie posters. One is based on a video game box art.) More of my Gargoyles work can be seen in the Gargoyles section of my gallery. Thanks for viewing, and check out my Gallery for more! - DubyaScott

The Stanley Cup Playoffs have officially begun!

The Stanley Cup Playoffs have officially begun!

Hello, hockey fans! After four long months without hockey, the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs have officially started. Although the way the playoffs are set up is totally different than in past years. (Damn coronavirus.) But, still, hockey is back! Everyone stay safe and enjoy the hockey. - DubyaScott - Founder of

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