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The Bastard! Jon Snow Game of Thrones



This guy! I mean this guy! Wow...Recall my previous posting of Tyrion. Jon Snow, how can I (mundane mortal I am) REPRESENT  him? This dude took longer than Tyrion to come up with. He took me 5 years! WTF you might say. Too much Little Pixel Heart  I say to myself.

How does a person illustrate this most awesome iconic character? 1st of all he's 15-16 yrs old, who becomes Lord Commander in the harshest place in the realm. Won a major battle against the wildlings, butt heads with powerful leaders, wields a legendary Valyrian sword,  figures out how to kill the Others, and then. . . his DIRE WOLF!! Need I say anymore?

The initial illustrations I've done of him (which I wont post) were similar to Tyrion. Lots of symbolism, but it made him look small. Kind'a buried under all that. The biggest question I kept asking was how do I put his awesome wolf? It just didn't look right, like both of them were competing for attention. (No matter what I wanted to put Ghost in it waaa~rh!)

After that I had the blessed stint with Game Of Thrones  Blu Ray HBO series, did some other illustrations for some clients. Took some time to calm down and deconstructed all my ideas into paper.

Being the son of 2 great looking parents, and Ygritte's comments he's got to be good looking. Right? It's silly but that notion really stuck with me (similar to Daenerys)

1st glance it's just a head shot of a guy. But if you cover 1/2 of his right face you see  the human side.
Very grim, commanding, melancholy, symbolizing his current occupation along with the crow brooch.

You cover  the other left side of his face then the wolf/Ghost emerges. Warging if you may call it. Instead of literally drawing Ghost, I decided to meld the two glimpsed through his right eye, the uncaring tilt of his grin, and the wolf skin he uses as his coat. Unpredictable, dangerous and wild. yep.

Snow fluttering around in the pitch bk night symbolizes the night's watch, his mysterious heritage, and the unknown cold horrors (others) lurking.

It's a bit sad that after all that thinking (and talking) the outcome was such a simple head shot. By no means I'm completely satisfied with it. I decided awhile ago, instead of twiddling my thumbs and watching the days go by it's best to put it in paper and just be done with it. So far it's still the closest thing to the image of Jon snow in my head.

The stillness, the cold, the magnitude of this guy, I hope you guys get that feeling when you see this illustration.


Ilustration 11X17 pencil, brush, traditional.
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This is good and it fits in what Tormund said about Jon Snow ''...he's prettier than my daughters..'' tho Kit looks good in his own right, to me he looked too masculine for Jon Snow...this picture is closer to how I picture the character.