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Tarot Odin

By DubuGomdori
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Odin here fits the tarot definition of the Emperor to the T. He is austere, stern, wise and a know all father. Unlike the Empress card which has water and plants the Emperor lacks these elements. His background is barren and stark. He is sitting on his throne yet ready for battle at a moment's notice. Please enjoy.

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Daandric's avatar
that right hand ( on his side ) looks pretty much detached from the whole arm...Leg anatomy is cool
stunam1's avatar
The biceps on that arm?
Daandric's avatar
Biceps definitely but shoulder muscle too, could be fixed with shading.
DubuGomdori's avatar
Hmmm never noticed that before. Thanks for the observation. Now, let me see where those perspective photos are...
StarkArya's avatar
Wow, very powerful picture. If I ever want to meet Odin, he should look like that.
DubuGomdori's avatar
Then I hope he is very kind to you. The dude has only one eye but he can see all.
pentarot's avatar
A great Emperor - I hope you're planning a complete tarot deck!
DubuGomdori's avatar
That's been the plan but it gets hard to get back too with all this other stuff going on.
esafran25's avatar
awesome grawing! great detail
DubuGomdori's avatar
Thank you kindly, Sai!
carlaavalon's avatar
wow!!! wonderful
DubuGomdori's avatar
Glad you think so. Thank you.
Uranus-seventhsun's avatar
Odin, yaarh!

Sai, this is simply divine. Composition is beautifully balanced, the textures and muscles incredible. He looks like he can't sit still for long, he'd rather be shoving that spear into someone.

A real pleasure to look at.
DubuGomdori's avatar
Thank you. I like your idea how he can't sit still for long. kekeke
DubuGomdori's avatar
Thanks a bunch.
Miss-A-sketches's avatar
Love the detail work!

Pencil or digital?
DubuGomdori's avatar
Thank you, it's pencil.
Miss-A-sketches's avatar
You're welcome!

I thought so, but, it's sometimes hard to tell these days.
LoreMaster01's avatar
Good work on the details like the ring, the spear, 2 wolves, 2 ravens, and 1 eye.
DubuGomdori's avatar
eye, it is. I say thank ya kindly big big, Sai.
LoreMaster01's avatar
Your welcome, but what is a Sai?
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