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Tarot Hawk Girl and Hawk Man

By DubuGomdori
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He he this was a fun piece to do. This is the Lovers card. Instead of putting a couple all loving and that (ick!)
I put a twist. Here is this guy who's been looking for his SOULMATE all over the entire UNIVERSE and finally after COUNTLESS reincarnation there she is. So he swoops in without a second thought and catches her. And what does he get? A cold reception. Ha ha ha ha. Please take no offense who are into the lovers card. Really I humbly apologize. Besides the joke, these are the perfect couple to represent love, since they are you know. . .mates not just any mates SOUL mates. Whether a thing like that even exists or not enjoy.
P.S: Ending the tarot series for now, what took me the longest to cough up and draw was . . . the borders. Yup, those damn borders. The sad thing is due to the sad limited capacity of my scanner, it wasn't able to catch all my borders. My blood and sweat just chopped off. Again please enjoy and thanks for reading all this ranting.

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I absolutely adore the fact you like symbolism :3 I so wish to be able to do a better job about my character. I did this: [link] I'll work harder to come with something better :3 thanks for being such an inspiration!
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You are off to a good start. Please keep looking at more pencil art and try to copy as best as you can. Keep doing that and eventually you will have your own style producing work every one will want.
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thanks a lot for the kind words :) thanks for taking the time to give me some advices :)
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I kinda feel that Katar/Carter is really creepy by leaning on Sheyara so much. Great take on this.
DubuGomdori's avatar
Yeah, it is twisted. kekeke
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WOW... amazing work
DubuGomdori's avatar
Glad you found it so. Thank you.
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Lovely! I was planning to do a Hawkman image as well. Thanks for adding to the inspiration ;)
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Any time, my friend, any time.
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This is a beautiful piece of artwork and represents the heartbreaking reality that Hawkman had to face when Hawkgirl aka Kendra Saunders told him that she didn't remember their past lives and he would have to work to earn her love.
She wasn't going to just give it up to him because he was her soul mate.
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You said it all and could not be said any better. Tragic and beautiful.
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Funny just as she died in the comics she tells him she loves him (during the Blackest Night series)
DubuGomdori's avatar
Then, they'll have something really worth celebrating when she comes back.
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unless she forgets :D
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Great job. If only I could shade like that :)
DubuGomdori's avatar
it just takes time and practice, that's it. you can do it!
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Great perspective.
DubuGomdori's avatar
You are oh so welcome, honored Sai!
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You know what is the weirdest thing? I have a character that I was working on in my novel who's name is Gumumdori. Every time I thought of it I couldnt figure out where I could have thought of that name-well now I know. Now I can sleep at night *lol*
DubuGomdori's avatar
Ha ha ha!!! That is such a coincident! I'd really like to read your novel now!!
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yo that is sooo damn awesome!!!! she looks scared th lol
DubuGomdori's avatar
Ha ha yeah ofcourse she looks scared, he's about to just rip her clothes off! he he. I had real fun doing this. Couldn't stop laughing about it. THanks for the comment!
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