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Tarot Doctor Strange

By DubuGomdori
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The Magician, Dr. Stephen Strange, is the magus and is the first of the Tarot deck, and represents the alchemical element and principal of Mercury. Also the card represents Will, Wisdom and the Word through which the world was created. The cup is inscribed with the two snakes are the protection of caduceus of Mercury. The sunburst positioned on the top border affirms Mercury’s role as herald of the Sun. The Magician is wearing a belt with the Ape of Thoth inscribed on it. Because falsehood and misunderstanding are inherent in all speech and writing, it is the cosmic duty of the Ape of Thoth to constantly mock the work of the Magician and distort his words. The traditional weapons of the Magus are the wand, cup, sword, and disk. “With the wand createth He. With the cup reserveth He. With the Dagger destroyeth He. Wth the Coin redeemed He.” These are the weapons the Magus joyfully juggles in midair along with three additional symbols; the pentacle, scroll, and winged egg. The scroll is a tool and instrument of the scribe. The winged egg represents the preexistent zero, which like the Magus himself is the source of all positive manifestation.

The cherubs on the bottom, one girl and one boy, symbolizes the duality of the sex and they act as his herald as they play their harp. The lilies on the bottom symbolizes purity.

The magician sits upon a throne like stairs, each engraved with the four elements in nature symbolizing his mastery of all. Lucky bastard.

The sky, and moon and sun behind the pentacle is his ability to tap into the cosmic energy. The borders around him is the Celtic knot of the tree of life as well as the tree of knowledge.
The eye of Horus engraved on the coin/disc grants him the ability to regenerate.

In this role sits Stephen Strange, better known as Dr. Strange, once a surgeon saving lives of those professing his medical genius, he has turned to a greater responsibility to our world, and those worlds who would dare cross over into our realm for their greedy benefits or sometimes just to show us we are not all that. And here, the magus keeps his eternal watch.

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Abigtreehugger's avatar
He was one of my favourite comicbook characters when I was a teenager, all my friends were into stuff like superma abd batman.
DubuGomdori's avatar
I know!  Bring the magic!!  Can't wait for the movie!!
Abigtreehugger's avatar
I am looking forward to that, but one thing I do miss is comics like Dr Strange aren't printed on that old pulp paper that use to go yellow with age after about four or five years. I use to like the smell the comic shops had when they used mainly that kind of paper. I am not keen on the smell of the graphic novels now that there printed on high end archival quality and photographic type paper and it makes the comic shop smell wrong. I have to admit I am 52, so, I was in comic shops from the late 60's and through the 70's all the time, so  there has got to be a bit of nostalger in there somewhere.
DubuGomdori's avatar
My bf is like you.  He is 55 and says the same like you. He talks about his Silver Age, the 70's how they're under valued and the 80s.  How the 90s changed the industry and so forth.  hehehe
Abigtreehugger's avatar
Ah in that case there is a good chance he likes one of my favourites, 2000AD, with judge Dreed.
DubuGomdori's avatar
Yes, he does.  Judge Anderson and Judge Death.
Abigtreehugger's avatar
Every teenage boy at the time was in love with Judge Anderson and a few boys out the otherside of their teens.
brytlejuice's avatar
I cannot add this to my favorites enough.
I'd add this a billion times if I could. 

I love tarot, and I love Doctor Strange.
This is the most perfect piece of art I have ever seen.
And I thank you for making this visually.

There are not enough positive words ever to say how incredible this is.
((I know I'm like SEVERAL years too late, but really. AH-MAZING!))
DubuGomdori's avatar
Wow Hallow!! Your comments alone amaze me!!
That's more than enough compliments to last me for several years!! kekeke
Sorry I can't help myself, however I am very sincerely touched that you seemed
to have understood my intentions with this cool cat Strange.
Take care sis!!
brytlejuice's avatar
Ah, well, I'm a fan of Strange, so it's always nice to see some killer work of him.
Shadow-Monger's avatar
Incredible work. I can even begin to describe how it stands out.
RenoTurkXII's avatar
I love the idea of tarot cards and your art is outstanding. I just wish you would have chose a different subject instead of comic book characters to fill your cards. Not a fan of comics at all.

Just my opinion, I love your art though. 
CroftRoan's avatar
I love Dr. Strange! And you do amazing work!
Mush647's avatar
Quite symbolic. Besides I just like Dr. Strange - Master of the Unknown Stuff))
myccrets's avatar
DubuGomdori's avatar
So glad you thinks so.
shell-chan's avatar
you know that I love yopu gallery don´t you ??? arrggwwww MY god you are awesome !
DubuGomdori's avatar
Wow and I love your comments!
I appreciate them very much shell-chan!
Why are you doing this to me?!
shell-chan's avatar
OH MY GOD !!!! you are still alive !!! XDDD thatnk you ! I love hearing from you too !
but ... What am I doing?? XDDD I didn't get it hahahaha
IsabelM's avatar
Wow to the background and overall details. How many ages did that took you?
DubuGomdori's avatar
a couple. kekeke
LoreMaster01's avatar
Several cultural symbols thrown in, huh? *Hugs* A KINDRED SPIRIT!!! Have you seen the movie yet?
DubuGomdori's avatar
Yeah. What we talkin' about? Doctor Strange? Which one? Seen a live action and animated.
LoreMaster01's avatar
I've only seen the animated one.
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