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Hundred Thousand Kingdoms Grandfather by Jemisin



This is a scene from the 1st chapter of the book The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms entitled “Grandfather”. Yeine reaches Sky City after being summoned away from her home finally meeting her Grandfather. She finally gets the chance, kneels before him in her humble clothing from a distance, amid the scrutiny of those priviledged to be at court. And there, before everyone’s surprise, and maybe dismay, the uncrowned king announces Yeine to be an heir to the throne. Most people would be stupidly crazy drunk with the the thought, but Yeine doesn’t want it, and is more troubled by it, definitely worried and scared for her life. It does have its perks. She did get a nice bank account and gain additional lands to govern but looses her home of Darre. Should she run? Hide? Or face the music and let the war begin?

You want more from this book, let me know.

This is a double page spread if that is not apparent. I just couldn’t get all the details I wanted to include on one. As I did not want to give that up, the only option was to go to 2 pages.

Interesting read, I do recommend it. "The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms" by N. K. Jemisin. Check it out if you got the time.

Shortly after posting this piece up, the author N.K. Jemisin received a Google Alert that brought this to her attention. She kindly left the following comment:

"Wow. This is incredible and beautiful and fascinating to see. (Got pulled here by a Google Alert.) I've featured fanart based on the books on my website before; would you mind if I did so again? This is amazing, and I think other fans would love it.
-N. K. Jemisin "

Material Used: Bristol Smooth, Photoshop CS, graphite, mechanical pencil .05, 07, 03
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The poses and meticulous line work remind me of classic paintings.  I imagined something less Greco-Roman, but this is nonetheless an excellent drawing.