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Concept Medusa warrior

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Greek mythology is one of my favorite subjects and I frequently play with the characters around my head or doodle some concepts out.
One day was thinking of Medusa and drawing some males when a thought like lightning struck. I conceptualized,
"What if Medusa ACTUALLY had a son?!"
It was kind of crazy but the more I thought of it the more kick ass he seemed to be.
I found myself drawing the whole nest of his family, when he was young, when he grew up. Also what kind of powers he have. And one of them would be like his mom petrifying but so far it only works with women. kekekeke (no really)
Then as I found out Medusa did indeed have a son, I believe two. Errm. .. ofcourse they're not like my Medusa's warrior. So for those who are big on accuracy don't throw rocks at me yet. I'm still working on who's his father was but I kind of have a picture of the culprit, but not telling because you know, it's . . .a . . .secret.

Thanks for reading my crazy idea, anyhow medium is Strathmore Bristol Smooth comic paper, 11x17, mostly graphite pencil with some gray washes.
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purplexy54Hobbyist General Artist
I love your work
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A really cool idea. You drawed him pretty awesome and the way he looks is also perfect. =D
DubuGomdori's avatar
Thank you so much.
DNASoul23's avatar
your welcome =)
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KinsaraProfessional Digital Artist
This is an amazing design! You style is so great and detailed... wow :heart: I love this~
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Delightfully intricate armourwork :)
DubuGomdori's avatar
kekeke I did try.
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FatherStone Traditional Artist
I really love the armour!!! :)
DubuGomdori's avatar
I love armour too and inspired by Iron Man and others I've seen.
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DarkWizardKitsune Traditional Artist
I love the plate armor, I like you concept, I want to draw my own Medusa male, Can I?
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DraconliProfessional Traditional Artist
Interesting idea! I like how you did this! :)
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CarayaHobbyist General Artist
This is a great concept!
I like the idea of him being Medusa's son.
(I didn't know that the Medusa actually had sons, too. I guess I have to do more research about that.)
Your style fits perfectly for drawings with mythological context, imho. It looks kinda authentic. (I'm sorry, I'm bad with words.)

His armor is simply stunning!
DubuGomdori's avatar
Your words are perfect. Thanks again!
Caraya's avatar
CarayaHobbyist General Artist
No, your works are ;)
(Haha, no problem at all.)
telsukita's avatar
Goood! I like it.
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NoorRahmanProfessional Digital Artist
I'm jealous you're able to spend time on your own character concepts T.T ... Btw, Hi! And: this looks AWESOME!! =]
DubuGomdori's avatar
Yeah, well, that can happen when you have a lot of time on your hands. kekeke
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ArtfullyArtyHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is great
DubuGomdori's avatar
Thanks man!
Antifarea's avatar
Lol it's been a while since you made anything. Great work, I like the design and the sketch is always well done too.
DubuGomdori's avatar
thanks, good to be back!
Antifarea's avatar
Hey, why don't you do commission work? did you get your internet yet?
DubuGomdori's avatar
Yeah, got internet, enjoying the summer traveling across the country, still thinking about commissions.
Antifarea's avatar
Great to know! What about doing illustrations in photoshop? I know you always do traditional art, do you know how to make them in photoshop with colors and all that? you get a lot of commissions that way.
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