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Kanji Hope 3D Lite

By dubLeE
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The Japanese Kanji symbol you see in this piece is Kibou which means Hope.
The quote is from "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel (a very good book in my opinion).

Took me a few hours to do.
Resolution 1280x800.
Any criticism will be appreciated.

Kanji symbol style was taken from a tutorial. Will update when I find the tutorial again.
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Object not found error....

The swirles and stuff, how they change thickness and generally looking smooth. I can never get that to look good.
try that for the Japanese symbols...

the swirls are made from brushes that i have and the pen tool... the pen tool is a little tricky but once you play around with it, it's gets easy...
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Hey, totally totally awesome. Its random but purposeful I love this kind of stuff. Is there an tutorial you can recommend on how to get the lines like they are? Or the use of one of those drawing pad devices you link up to the computer. (sorry to mooch so much)
you mean the background lines, like the swirls and stuff? those are brushes. if you mean the Japanese Kanji symbol, it's actually font/program i found online. Here is the site for the program [link] Read through the that website to orientate yourself on how to use the program. It's REALLY easy.
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Nice WP, well done!
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