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| processing and thinking
You know when you're writing a poem and you don't like what you typed
you can hit the backspace key
and back goes the space until you are satisfied with the outcome
but what is satisfaction when just a moment ago you had something to say
and now that one key has taken it away?
But then suddenly you have something better to type
maybe worded in a better way
and you're so happy as your fingers hit the keys
your thoughts spilling out onto the page like liquid
until you read your new, revised version and the outcome is not what you expected
when the mood is not set correctly
and the expected impact of your words becomes rejected
Not only are your poems now affected by your clumsy way of thinking and processing
it is your career
your family
your friends
your love,
thinking and processing and processing and thinking
and always spilling out words upon words without processing and thinking
and then when you have finally said what you have to say
which the person you love is now taking it the w
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Be my Valentine
Wilted roses creep in the garden,
I cannot see through this fog-
the silence becomes my yearning friend.
You are the crystallized cyanide in my veins,
and the antifreeze that fills my lungs.
How does one compete with the ghastly cemetery,
where you laid your heart out at last?
Words cannot form when I'm being choked by my past,
and strangled by your future.
Blue skies drain of all their colour,
and forgotten prisms seep through my skin.
I still hear your voice in the evening chime,
but then I remember it's just your
empty thoughts and
broken promises.
Whenever you cannot find your flower,
remember you left her to rot
in your garden of shame.
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Just another loose thread on your sweater,
a lone string on your sleeve,
torn and ripped between
broken twigs
and broken hearts.
I was last winter,
and that's where you left me,
cut off and disconnected
But I'm just another loose thread on your sweater,
a lone string on your sleeve,
I don't need you anymore,
but frankly you never needed me.
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We're just sad and lonely-
       porcelain dolls on their shelves,
     broken hopes of tomorrow,
  shattered dreams of yesterday.
             We're falling now,
     and it feels too great.
Damaged to the core,
       but we like the pain anyway,
     so they'll continue their assault
  on our porcelain veins.
             We're dying now,
     and it feels too great.
:icondubkip:Dubkip 2 2
Transmissions, emissions,
  drawn into galaxies-
and pondered into dawn.
  Hues of crystal,
inflated fate-
  a silent masquerade,
sentenced to death
 upon poisoned supernovas-
and that's when we
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I become the atmosphere,
horizons of multicolour solitude-
divided by crippling architecture,
defined by misguided eyes.
You dance like pollution,
along my vast oceans-
between my mountains,
I am the earth, the sun.
Your ghastly fumes consume me,
and time becomes deadly-
for oxygen becomes scarce,
and I'm burning slowly.
The tidewaters come and go
to wash away the wasteland
you created; I created-
we created.  
:icondubkip:Dubkip 2 1
When our demons collide
it's a spectral kaleidoscope,
a transgression of inner body-
and there ahead we see Venus;
those stars explode and simplify
into mass bodies of
but out towards bleak horizons,
further into the comatose atmosphere
prisms of hope await-
the transparent, cubic realms
await us.
:icondubkip:Dubkip 1 0
Where I Fell In
We dug a hole,
in which I fell into-
high on ignorance,
lost in bliss
I forgot the sunlight,
and even though it hovered
I kept my eyes closed.
The dirt grew cold,
as I became acquainted
with my own shadow-
and everything began to
and like our memories
I was washed away-
taken by the
:icondubkip:Dubkip 2 0
Dirty Little Secret
My secret friend,
oh how we pretend-
we sit in silence
when they're around,
but once they leave
we're right back on our feet-
and we dance,
just like tiny feathers
in the wind-
and they still don't know-
they don't know a thing
about us.
:icondubkip:Dubkip 2 0
Make me perfect,
make me worth it-
teach me how;
  pull me down.
     I sin,
  I am weak-
make me perfect,
I'm not worth it.
:icondubkip:Dubkip 5 4
Mature content
Sinking :icondubkip:Dubkip 2 3
One rose,
one weed-
but together
they grow
in the same
they share
vast space
but still fight
over the
that falsely showers
them both,
though to their
the weed died
and the rose
blew away.
:icondubkip:Dubkip 2 7
Bite Marks
The rabbit was the runner
the fox was the chaser
but in the crack of thunder
the rabbit became the slayer.
When her velvet blood runs
the snake shall trail behind
the fox knows what has begun
and the rabbit dies inside.
The snake comes near
the fox drags herself along
all the rabbit knows is fear
and there the fox sung her deadly song.
Goodbye to the rabbit
that the fox held so close
say hello to the snake
that shows no remorse.
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To mend the hearts of weeping willows-
healing the broken bones of fragile wings.
Agile soul I keep to myself,
I no longer will hide behind damaged blinds.
To keep your heart; I'll forever adore your gentle hum.
A song in silent harmony creates bliss among sleepless statues-
I've been pulled closer to you
And in quiet fields the birds awake;
the grasshoppers flee.
Tangled against you and the blades of grass-
You're all I'll ever need.
And like a porcelain doll
I am painfully fragile against our heated touch,
but in the moment as a tiger earns her stripes I forever dream.
Belonging to you I'll be.
Like a harsh sandstorm sweeping over a heat driven desert,
I cling to the thoughts of being in those lonely arms.
As if there is no certain promise I long to be held.
The day the Koi stop swimming and hawks stop gliding
won't even damage my feelings
And within time as a seed transforms into a flower our love will too.
You have my heart.
Say hello to long summer nights
and passionate greetings.
:icondubkip:Dubkip 2 2
Purple Dreams
Teach me
how to pronounce something so vital
that's proven through kisses and hugs
and to think what's between the legs of my lover
defines how people think of us.
For many opposites attract
but in my case however they did not
so with that i'll tell you
one day we'll have kids and grow old
because we're the same as any other couple.
The days are sometimes hard
with more than the weight of the world on our shoulders
I'm sure with passion we'll make it
even though their bigoted crimes say different
we're no less of people.
I hope to have a story
for my family when we're gone
on how me and the love of my life changed the world.
She loves her.
He loves him.
You can't take love away from us.
:icondubkip:Dubkip 1 0
We're all just birds
flying to greater heights,
searching for better days.
And when our feathers come loose,
and we're shot from the sky-
our wings won't beat.
:icondubkip:Dubkip 0 0




Journal Entry: Wed Jun 26, 2013, 12:50 AM

Well, I'm back now. I've been a pretty busy 'kip. cx Uhm, if anyone has a tumblr you can follow me:

I'm more active on there than I am on here, anyways. 


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