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Orc Pantheon

1999 ©Wizards of the Coast
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Allways loved this pic. So it was somewere before it appeared in Faiths and Pantheons?
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Thanks!  No, that was it.  Why, did I get the year wrong?
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wicked looking indeed :thumbsup:
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YAY I'm so glad you put a female orc. I'm one of those strange gamer girls who prefers the "ugly" races (which I don't find ugly). Trolls, orcs, goblins, ogres, etc are my favorite races to play.
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Thanks, they gave me the characters but that really made the pic. I love drawing female monsters.
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Your art is awesome! I like this piece a lot! I'm also happy to say I'm to proud new owner of the Elven Pantheon piece do did for this same book, I love it! Maybe one day I could track this one down... they'd look awesome next to each other. Keep up all the good work, your art inspires me.
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Glad to hear it, thanks again!
far left is bhagtru gruumsh's son
second from the left is illneval gruumsh's lieutenant
center is gruumsh
kneeling center is his wife luthic
second from the right is shargaas orc deity of darkness and thieves
far right is yurtrus orc god of death and right
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Right on, thanks for posting the info, long lost to me :) Loved designing these guys.
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Gruumsh is probably the one in the center but who are the others?
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The female Orc is Luthic, the Cave mother, The large orc behind them both is Gruumsh's Son, Bahgtru "The Brawler", the orc with the sword is Ilneval, "The War Maker", Gruumsh's Lieutenant and Orcish War Deity, The Undead-looking One is Yurtrus, Orcish Deity of Disease, and the male with claws would then be Shargass, Deity of Night, darkness, thieves and the undead.
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That is Gruumsh- The very first image of him, my original design.

I think they might have this up at the Wizards website, might be able to find out about the others there.....
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This is old school, back for the realms books.
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