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CSK Mimi

Point sketch for jkrolak. I'm not fully happy with her, but as many times as I restarted this, I think he's waited long enough!  And apologies I didn't get the balloons all in, she ended up being too far up on the paper.  ><  If I can get my table set up soon, I may go back and ink it on another page to fix some things.  But overall, for my first fairy centuar, not too bad.  ^_^;
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Pouvre Mimi, it was not so easy to flitter about looking sexy, after eating that cursed fudge and being big with twins.

I think you were well along  the right track on her, although her wings are missing.

As for Mimi she is off fuming as she tough that she got every one of the drawings (Sacre Coure, I am zo HUGE. I look like ze Blimp!) I think she will calm down in a few months... (AIIIIIEEEEE!!!) maybe.....