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Everyone in Dubai with a passion for photography can join our photography club. We call ourselves EPyC (Emirates Photography club).

We meet every 2 weeks to interact with other photographers and share our leanings.

To join please register on the following link...

We meet at Shelter ( at Al Serkal Avenue in AL quoz, Dubai.
Hello! i was in Dubai, i encounted the penguins, i got hug them <3 and got photos! =D
Hello everyone! Please help me reach my target of 1000 Arabs in my group
This group is for all types of art, so please join, watch and contribute!
Im trying to bring all Arabs on dA together, and Id love it if each and every one of you could help me make my project and dream come true

Here's the link:

Isn't there an option to submit photographs in the "landscapes" gallery, not that I want to just now, but the option would be nice! Thanks!
The submissions to the Landscapes gallery is now open, you may submit your work anytime you like