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First, Last
Sweet and sour, we devour
Love, a tangled web
Our hearts aligned, our senses blind
A stranger in our bed
The heat, allure, the sheet was tore
The veil fell overhead
The yearning on, the moment gone
The spark, bright flash then dead
To whom it seems, made of dreams
Touched and not forgotten
They linger on, from dusk to dawn
Some crutched, some spry, some rotten
For who we are and what we know
May never quite be the same
But one thing true, in time past due
Oh, don't you know thy name?
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The Secret's Gift
"Drink the wine, find the peace
Spread the word, from the priest
Like a pawn, follow suit
Eat the poison, from the fruit.
Taste the Truth, force your hand
Conform the people, of the land
You are the righteous, you are the one
We all shall follow, the ghostly Son." - Duathian Disciples, Mocking the Church
I felt the surge of emotion throughout my entire being, nothing went through my mind that I couldn't feel with my body. I cracked in disbelief, threw my limbs in rage, laughed in madness, and finally collapsed in sorrow. I was changed mentally and spiritually, my beliefs, my perspective, my feelings of security and peace, the bonds of trust I cherished. I have lost my sense of self, I have lost my purpose. I have been cleansed from the poisonous lies that have been set deeply into my system and it was a very painful process. However, I have gained new purpose and new power. The world shall witness the truth.
I am Damian Krin. The Church has been my life since my father fell, they took
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Master Of Magic
Some say I'm vile and pernicious, but they misunderstand
I look out for their interests, when I plot and I plan.
I'm a guardian of my loved ones, and counselor too.
When you find yourself falling, I elevate you.
I'm a tool of the people, gone somewhat unused.
For those destined to lose, I can change with my views.
I'm a master of magic, but don't play with tricks.
I have the ability to dazzle, and my games may transfix.
I'm a complex jester, won't you please join my game?
I can give you a lesson, beyond love and pain.
I'm a fool that's propitious, but you can't look away
I make you think I'm delicious, with the stuff that I say.
I'm stylish and proficient, a crafter of strength
I empathize easy, and connect at full length.
I'm a student of many, and cast quite a spell
But it's your choice to embrace it, your choice to repell.
You can know me for years, and think you have me set.
But the truth just may be, that's only a silhouette.
:iconduath:duath 1 6
Willow's Night
Kate: Present. Her apartment
I can feel my heart collapse, the shattered pieces claw at my insides, the breath dissolve from my body as though I was tasting death. It's all taking forever, it's as if time is slowing down just to watch me suffer. My face is pale at first as the tears build, then as soon as the water drips down it's course on my cheek, I'm blood red, spilling out what is left of my crumbling heart in tears. Ripping the letter in my hands to shreds in violent despair, I fall to the floor and howl my aching sorrows away to the echoing walls.
Thomas: Last night. His apartment
I sat down on a stool in the kitchen and stared at the wrecked livingroom. There was broken glass everywhere, from the beer bottles, lamps, and the TV. Candle wax was splattered on the wall in various colors, furniture was knocked over, the entire entertainment system lay devastated on the floor.
I felt as if the scene reflected my life and how utterly destroyed it was. I saw the gun laying on the
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World of Illusion
In a dream world, where everything is glorious
No malevolence, no crime, no evil victorious
Always pure, beautiful, simple, and rich
Until a time came, where the world caught a glitch.
Anxiety, fear, doubt, harmful emotion
Anger, greed, violence, darkness was in motion
The people suffered, for evils now walked their world
They cried desperately, but the truth was unfurled.
Their home was shattered, their people, corrupted
Murderers, rapists, and crime syndicates erupted
Their light turned to darkness, beauty, destroyed
What was once glorious, now lay in void.
In a dream world, where everything is grey
No benevolence, no hope, no good to display
Always dark, ugly, twisted, and in decay
For in this time, the devil came to play.
:iconduath:duath 0 8
Love More, Hurt More
We used to joke when we first got together
No one could make me mad or cry
I didn't love them, you know I kept them nether
It looked as if those feelings went to die.
I let you touch my scars, you gave me joy
I fell in love with you, I grew to care
But you decided, me, you would destroy
You gave me harsher wounds than I could bear.
I dropped all my walls to let you in
I never thought you'd go strike my heart
But you raised the knife with a grin
And proceeded to cut me apart.
Betrayed.. we were so close
Was this a sick game for you to try?
They say the ones we love, hurt us the most
I loved you so much.. I could die..
:iconduath:duath 1 4
The chilling air breezed quietly, the light of the moon found it's way through the canopy of tree branches above me to comfort the earth with it's soft glow. The forest was asleep, only the night owls and nocturnal creatures were about but even they kept to themselves. The air swirled smoothly like a melody, I was jealous of such harmony. I exhaled through the cloth covering my mouth, I enjoyed walking at night. I felt as if I were locked in time, forever destined to search through the night forest for nothing in particular. It gave me whatever kind of peace I could muster from this world. I walk the path of evil and chaos, it's not like I could do otherwise, besides, I enjoy it. I wasn't born of a king to be his successor, I wasn't born of a blacksmith to learn his trade, no, I was born of the misfits, the outcasts, the freaks...born of cultists.
What a cruel thing to happen to a person in it's self, fated to be a subject of foul souls and evil men, but here I am, born and raised by s
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I hate me and I love you.
I love me and I hate you.
I'm confused and unstable, I want to cry but I'm unable.
There's something dwelling inside of me.
That's a psycho deep down within me.
I'm sure you guessed or you could dismiss.
But it reaches me when I get pissed.
I'm not trying to brag cause it's not worth it.
I'm afraid that this shit might unearth it.
I scream in light of day, this psycho is on it's way.
I want to run but I can't hide from myself.
It's coming for me and everyone else.
I try to tame this haunting beast.
The best it works is at the very least.
Because it's tempting to let it go.
It'll be so easy to just blow.
Maybe I should give life to this thing.
But I couldn't imagine the pain it'll bring.
I feel like I'm burning and the flames won't leave.
I feel like I'm drowning and cannot breathe.
I want to be at ease but that star cannot be reached.
I know it every time my defenses are almost breached.
I feel like I'm falling when I'm trying my best.
Maybe I just need rest..
:iconduath:duath 0 3
Esian Hill.
The battle at Esian Hill was already in progress, I could see our flags raised into the sky as well as the enemy. I was part of the reinforcements, a squad currently running into the midst of war. Soon, I'll be there, engaged with another man, fighting for territory.
Is this what it has all come down to?
Am I to die today? I began to wonder about if we lost this battle, how many of my allies will fall, and if I would join them. My heart was racing, it grew forceful as I thought about my own death. We continued forward, I saw a volley of arrows being shot into the sky and unto our troops. I could see them dying..
Will I be dying with them?
We kept our advances, it would only be moments before we collided with the enemy. What of our enemy? Not the kingdom, not the king, but the man that I will inflict justice upon or the one that will spill my blood unto the soil. I heard our commander shout to ready our swords, we were within the area, with more bodies to look out for so we would
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The Night Watch
I came floating down slowly off the roof of the tavern, I could feel the air flowing through my long, black hair. It were moments like these that I felt truly peaceful, when nothing else mattered except me.. and my thirst. My feet softly landed on the hard, wet surface of the alley way. Fog fled from my location for a moment, only for my lower half to be engulfed by it once more. I could hear the distorted noises from the tavern and smell the heavy aroma of garbage, this must have been a busy night.
I could only imagine what was going on in the pub, people going in to escape the cold that this night spreads upon the city like a disease. Then having some ale, deciding to stay a while. Not much longer they end up having the time of their lives, laughing and shouting, then drinking some more. Amazing, how a simple fluid can do so much for one's state of mind... I know I can't argue that, I love to drink..
I peered out from the alley unto the main street and saw a man backing away slowly f
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Azhrarn by azhrarn Azhrarn :iconazhrarn:azhrarn 14,912 1,568



United States
What kind of person are you?

Do you find yourself constantly lying?

Would you beat a woman?

Lose custody of your kids so you can keep getting high on whatever you can get your hands on?

Get so high with your kid in the car you fall asleep at the wheel and rear-end someone?

Do you choose to remain unemployed, stuff yourself full of drugs, and leech off society as long as you can instead of contributing to it, when you're perfectly capable of doing so?

(Disgusted noises)

I try to keep a judge free zone. I like to think we are just trying to live and coexist, that we are all cousins here on earth sharing the human spirit. Still, I'm saddened to see a lack of respect and responsibility.

A few hours ago, I drove out to a couple that needed a car jump, drove them to buy some jumper cables, and go back to jump the car. The girl sits in the backseat with a black eye. The guy sits in front stoned off pot, coke, xanax, and whatever else, giving attitude when she cant find him a cigarette fast enough.. Unfortunately, this is a couple that would have to answer yes to the previous questions.

He told me a story the other day, she tells me a different one while he is out of the car. I feel this heat inside of me burning, I really abhor the thought of beating on women..

I don't think I've ever been so close to peer into such a downward spiral of self destruction, lies, and drug abuse.

They ultimately have to help themselves, we can only help show the way.
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