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The Segment of Dormin

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SotC pt1-Dormin

In that place there was no past, the future was only held in faint hope, and the present stretched on for eternities. The Shrine was a magnificent building decorated With naught but worked stone, mosses, and daylight that shone through the pillars at the fore of the building. Wander looked upon his love in a strong longing for what could have been, as did agro ,the horse. For many moments more he beheld her. Even though the maiden Mono was clad only in a simple white dress her fine features radiated with feminine beauty.  Death seemed not to hinder her, {though she had a sickly pale complexion} she seemed only in a very deep sleep.

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Charred Ezio

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My first time outside in years. It might have been almost pleasant, if I weren't on the after-war deathmarch the POWs had to take. My entire unit chained behind me, in this harsh wasteland. The half-scorched iron chains dangling from our wrists and ankles twinkled in the blistering light of the planet's five suns. The sand gnawed at our feed like half starved viscious dogs. All the while we were dying off, and each time a man died, we had to carry his weight for the remaining duration of the march. Sweat poured of of my grimy blood spattered face, and I saw something over the glistening orange horizon. A small blackish dot, its image distorte

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Conteplating chibi _colored_

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