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[TWWM] Delicious Treats (FCFS - OPEN)


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[TWWM] Delicious Treats (FCFS - OPEN)


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[TWWM AUCTION] seaside seer [CLOSED]


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[TWWM] sunbeams (eskchange gift)

Esk Illustrations

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[TWWM] Pixel Potato Esks Batch 1


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[TWWM] Shifting Seasons

Environmental Changes (513 words) It's strange to see the forest in such warm colors, Whisper thinks. Every year, autumn comes and goes, and yet it is still strange in the most wondrous of ways each year. They are simply used to seeing the vibrant greens, accentuated by the sunlight that radiates from their orb whenever they're home. Light drifts around them, specks in the air, the green-tint now contrasting the colors of the canopy rather than matching them. It is not a bothersome change, not a frightening one, not something to their discomfort nor distaste. Just... strange, they think. Another year, another year. Even, on the other hand, has no such issues with the colors, bounding excitedly through the leaves. Their poor head is flowerless, this far from the Developed biome, but they're energetic as always. They try to get Infinity to play with them in the piles of leaf litter, and upon failing to convince the elegant esk, they turn to run after Nevermore, hopping up and down


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