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WEAPON Combat League: The Idea

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 3, 2013, 5:53 AM

Sometime back in 2003, I got it in my head that my then-flagship concept Nia Black was too singularly focused (read: limiting), so I sought to create an antithesis, a concept that had more variety. I wanted numerous characters, super powers, a different approach to them, and diverse relationships. I also wanted to make something that would last long and have a future.

So I created WEAPON Combat League. Inspired by fighting games and my love of concepts borne from the Mega Man series of games, I wanted to build a concept that was something like a soap opera as well. I used to watch them a lot with my mother as a kid (don't laugh) which made me appreciate stories that didn't exactly have a single protagonist, the most compelling example to me being my favorite video game of all time, Final Fantasy VI.

So I started developing characters. I laid out the alphabet and started coming up with names that sounded "cool" to me. I ended up with 29 major characters, most of which are "competitors", suit-bearing characters that fight in the competition. The storyline came next. My self-imposed challenge was to make a story where there were as few filler characters as possible. Just as in a soap opera or in FFVI, every character has some kind of presence in the story, some time to shine, though the story invariably favored a few characters here and there. I also wanted to keep it family friendly...the content of Nia Black, though I am proud of it, has a few elements geared toward the lowest common denominator of sex and violence, and perhaps I've begun to outgrow that. WCL certainly has violence, but it's not the same... perhaps the feeling that the stakes aren't as high makes WCL seem weaker by comparison, but emotions run high and the story takes an extremely serious turn in its third act, a slowly-building pressure cooker finally blowing over.

The major challenges I faced with WCL were making the characters look good and producing the story in a concise manner. While the title and themes may make WCL sound like a simple sports drama where the underdog wins the big game, the actual League is merely the element that moves the true story along...that being a story about the repercussions of past sins thought buried, and what truly defines power and leadership.

What excites me personally about WCL is its potential and the events of the story. I've developed some of my most interesting characters of all time in this concept, and I get excited whenever I read over, or add more content to the story. The concept can go in many directions. To me, it's already a compelling story but it could also make a strong (web)comic series, a game (electronic or otherwise), even a cartoon and/or a series of action figures.


I wrote this because I realized it's been a decade since I first came up with this idea and I wanted to refresh in my mind as to what drives it and what keeps it alive in my heart.

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War-Patriot Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
hmm, who formed the league? Who profits from it? And who were teams and the "combatants" chosen? From reading it has an almost Tron like feel, but with different elements and some depth and great ideas are where great stories come from:D
Dualmask Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
The league is formed by high-ranking officials in the story's military (called the Defense Force), specifically, the General (whose bio I posted a couple of days ago).

As far as profit goes, it's complicated, but the goal of the League is to give people with access to a great deal of power something to do with it. Kind of like building a recreational center in a neighborhood to stop kids from running the streets, but on a much wider scale. Meanwhile, televising it and making it something of a production like the major sports in the real world can lead to big profits for all involved; the competitors, the government and those who endorse products through the League, etc.

It does have a little in common with Tron as far as the aesthetic, but only not in a computer-generated world (although I did consider that as a storyline choice at once time; I decided that in the end it wouldn't feel like the stakes were high if it were all virtual).
adekii Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
MMMmmm action figures...
Dualmask Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
It really makes me wish I had, and knew how to use, ZBrush and some kind of 3D printing service...
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April 3, 2013