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WCL: The Striker Team (digital) by Dualmask WCL: The Striker Team (digital) by Dualmask
The Striker Team is the "hero" team of WEAPON Combat League. Quinn uses his energy blades and jump jets for fast melee attacks and a hit-and-run fighting style, Faith protects her allies and damages her opponents from afar with concentrated light blasts and Marcus does the heavy lifting with high explosives, with strong armor enabling him to tank for his teammates.

Digital color update for this image: WCL: The Striker Team by Dualmask

WEAPON Combat League, all characters © Jonathan Price :icondualmask:
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So I'm actually going to bounce back between this piece and the traditional version of it a little bit in this critique! Mostly because there are some good things from that piece that got a little lost in translation(but more on that later).

In general this is really awesome. It has that classic special edition trading card feel to it. Reminds me of being a kid and getting an action figure or toy, that came with one of these sweet holographic cards you couldn't receive anywhere else!

Not only does it just feel like it could be something in our hands and extra nostalgic, it primarily features some heroes of color! In the world of comics, characters and cartoons, it's always a breath of fresh air to see not so typical archetypes, especially when concerning race. It's even more highlighted by the fact that the dude in the middle(Quin I believe), has cornrows! You know how many black characters have cornrows? Very few!

So onto the technical side the first thing that sticks out to me is your perspective and foreshortening. In all three characters there is a bit of it going on. In some areas it's working and in others it's not. For instance, Quins right leg is coming at us at an angle where we can see the front of his shin. Right now the perspective isn't being pushed enough, so his thigh, although it is coming at is, it feels very short and stumpy. His shin also is not pushing the angle enough so it looks very short, instead of a long leg pushing back in perspective. I think overlap in the thigh has a big help to make this work. Faiths left thigh is a great example of this because not only does it overlap with some of her body(insinuating the spacial difference), the angle at which the curve takes place, is more dramatic and angled.

Another perspective or possibly just proportional thing I see is the hands. Atleast on hand on each character is too small. On Marcus it's his left hand. It may just because his fingers(not the thumb) are drawn pretty short/flat in the fist, but also with the angle at which the arm is coming at us, I expect the hand and wrist area to be a little bigger. Quins right hand also looks small, and this actually has to do with the angle of the forarm and the way it's turning towards us. It suffers from the same thing as the leg, where it's not being pushed forward enough so it looks short. It could be easily fixed by adjusting the hand size a little bit and then moving it to overlap the forearm more than it is.

Faith actually has the most successful foreshortening I see in her left hand. Looking at the traditional version of her; The hand is directly overlapping the forearm, the forearm is directly overlapping what's behind it, the only thing I'm missing is some shoulder or bicep overlap of the body. Her hand maybe could be slightly bigger, but it actually works without having to adjust the size. I can feel her hand coming at me.Although that gets lost in the digital piece, which bring us two the next thing.

The effects of the energy and lights on your characters is pretty cool, but it's really bright. Bright in a very distracting way! What makes them so distracting is the level of contrast between them and your piece. From your background to your characters, you have a pretty dark palette. Even your lights are relatively cohesive with your darks, they don't stray to far. So with the inclusion of these straight whites, it's really harmful to the visual focus on your piece. Instead of being able to focus on your characters or more importantly their faces, my eyes are being drawn to the effects. Especially with Quins dark skin, it's very difficult to look at his face, with those heavy contrast lights right next to them.

Then we have areas where we lose details, like Faiths hands, pars of Quins wrist, and even the area between Marcus' right shoulder and equipment gets lots. That's something I find more effective in the traditional pieces. Although we lose some of the neat lighting, there is a lot of implied lights and details that don't obstruct detail. That's not to say get rid of the effects, rather, just tone them down so that when you or I squint my eyes, it's not just the energy/light effects coming through!

I think one thing I'd love to see you play around with in your work is color and lighting! At the moment your characters color choices rely heavily on Local Colors. Very saturated reds, blues, oranges and pinks. Because of this your characters don't feel like they necessarily exist in a specific environment. Because of the like of environment(Relative Color) they have another layer of this distracting contrast. Similar to your "Enter the Horsemen" piece where the lighting on each character(and each material) feels like it's being lit in a vacuum, rather than from a consistent light source. This could be fixed by selecting a specific color of lighting for all your characters(and using an overlay layer mode), so not only will it feel like their being hit by the same light, it'll make out eyes feel comfortable jumping from one to the next. Approach for shading too! I'd also be careful with shading and lighting with whites, greys and blacks. They tend to make drawings more bland and less vibrant! I think a great example of some good relative color is in your "Memories of Summer" The lighting feels yellow and warm, to match the environment.

All that being said, I still really love the characters and world your creating and can't wait to see what else you have to cook up! Good luck in your endeavors!
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Randommode Featured By Owner May 31, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I like the quality man :) 
Dualmask Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks a lot!
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NICE digital colors! :la:
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Thanks man!
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