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Headshot Bust Art
Just a headshot of your OC~!
Gemsona Commission
A commission of your gemsona. You decide every aspect of the gem and even the theme and personality. If you want it hand-drawn, please let me know in the commission info (I will charge 10+ points if you want it not on a base so please donate via the Give Points if you want it hand drawn). I charge more for hand-drawn since it takes longer and is harder for me. 

Diamond Commissions come with a free pearl to fit the diamond's image~!

Buy two gems and I'll fuse them for free~!
Sticker Art Chibi Full Body
Full body non-shaded sticker art.
Reference Sheet
Complete Reference Sheet of Your OC (Not Just Gemsonas)
If you have any specifics please include them in the description.
Gem Court
Diamonds: 100 points
Sapphire (Max- 1) : 40 Points 
Ruby (Max - 5): 20 Points 
Pearl (Max - 1): 10 Points 
Quartz Soldier (Max - 3): 30 Points (Three Different Gems one of each type. EG. Chevron Amethyst, Pink Jasper, Strawberry Quartz.)
Zircon (Max 2) - 40 Points  
(For Additional Add-Ons pay via "Give Points" OK?)
Random Gemsona
Regular Gem: 50 Points 
Fusion Gem: 60 Points  (5+ Points Per Additional Gem In The Fusion) 
If You Pick Fusion Donate The Extra 10 Points 
If you pick this, you cannot decide anything about the gem. The gem you get is completely up to me. If you're a friend :iconthemaskedmare: :iconteveehead: :iconpr1ncessmoonbeam: like those nice peeps then you can decide 2 things about the gem.


[OPEN] Pastel Gem Adopts [3/3] by AstriferousPanda [OPEN] Pastel Gem Adopts [3/3] :iconastriferouspanda:AstriferousPanda 18 0 Pink Agate by BoringArtist Pink Agate :iconboringartist:BoringArtist 283 29 Terrifying Renegade by BoringArtist Terrifying Renegade :iconboringartist:BoringArtist 82 5 Skinny And Carnelian by BoringArtist Skinny And Carnelian :iconboringartist:BoringArtist 245 30 Garnethyst by BoringArtist Garnethyst :iconboringartist:BoringArtist 49 6 Druzy Quartz fanfusion by BoringArtist Druzy Quartz fanfusion :iconboringartist:BoringArtist 39 0 food dots Adoptables! 2/6 open! by SkunkySpindaUltra food dots Adoptables! 2/6 open! :iconskunkyspindaultra:SkunkySpindaUltra 14 46 Ultimate quartz challange part 2 OTA 8/8 by davekatPrince Ultimate quartz challange part 2 OTA 8/8 :icondavekatprince:davekatPrince 8 9 [OPEN] Gems Batch - Set Price Adoptables by Zen-pie [OPEN] Gems Batch - Set Price Adoptables :iconzen-pie:Zen-pie 32 17 Eclair Enstatite by Shameless-Serenity Eclair Enstatite :iconshameless-serenity:Shameless-Serenity 3 5 YCH by BiscuitPrince YCH :iconbiscuitprince:BiscuitPrince 6 0 Kiss kiss fall in love by BiscuitPrince Kiss kiss fall in love :iconbiscuitprince:BiscuitPrince 3 0 F2U knife by LudwigETC F2U knife :iconludwigetc:LudwigETC 2,243 161 Knify Pixel [F2U] by D3STlNY Knify Pixel [F2U] :icond3stlny:D3STlNY 157 0 Toyhouse logo icon Button by Uluri Toyhouse logo icon Button :iconuluri:Uluri 113 1 ds game over by StarMelonShop ds game over :iconstarmelonshop:StarMelonShop 148 3

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DualJewels's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello there! My name is DualJewels, I'm a hobby artist and am currently studying in my senior years of schooling (I'm 16). I'm active on everyday except Wednesdays (my school has that day off) and weekends. If you want commissions done, I'm not busy most days. If you want to fuse your gemsona and one of mine, let me know and link me when you finish!

I play Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together.

I'm a huge fan of Steven Universe, pastel colours, gay / homosexual stuff, making OCs, talking with nice people, respecting opinions, listening to music. If you just want to talk, you can note me! I'm open to RP but only if you read the rules of the RP journal I posted.

Remember, be nice! I accept criticism of my artwork, but no straight up hate ok?

[F2U] Pride Dragon- Agender by anatiidae Wilson P. Higgsbury - Don't Starve Stamp by KC-Stamps I Am Made Of Love Stamp. by PixelShirani Frowley Stamp by CamTheWeirdo SU: Pearl x Amethyst Stamp by xxGaby-23xx Steven Universe Stamp by FerociousApplejuice Connieven Stamp by CamTheWeirdo Rupphire 1 by flaiKi Steven Universe by King-Lulu-Deer


DualJewels has started a donation pool!
1,974 / 10,000
For adopts and stuff! Donate here to pay for them :)

Also maybe tips and stuff are nice :3 if you want to support my art!

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Shiny Ditto 
I will be offering up Shiny Pokemon for points. The amount of points will be determined by how long it takes + the rarity. Don't just add me and expect me to add you back. I'll only add you after I've gotten the shiny, and I'll note you when I have it so we can trade. I will let you know how many points this will cost, and we can negotiate. Shiny Pokemon are VERY rare, so don't lowball me with prices or sad stories about how you can't afford it. I WILL take art, but it will take a lot of art to make up the points. If you've read the rules, please type 'no hax plz' in your form below the Pokeball Option.
If you are interested in having me hunt for a specific shiny for you, please comment below using the form. Shiny Mimikyu-Busted 
Generation: (I have Gens 6+7)
Pokeball: (Leave blank if you don't really care)
Gender: (I don't really have much control over this, but I can use Cute Charm to help. Not guaranteed to get what you want.)
How Many:
Friend Code:
 (Add me so I can trade with you. I'll tell you my friend code and In Game Name via note.)
Item: (I can give a specific item, but it will cost you more depending on the item.)
Pokemon: Jigglypuff
Generation: 7
Pokeball: Luxury Ball
Gender: Female
How Many: 1
Friend Code:
Item: Soothe Bell


[Gift] Garnet Gemsona
For: :iconpr1ncessmoonbeam:

I spent waaaaay too much time on this, but I had fun drawing her and shading it as well. I hope it cheers you up since a lot of negative stuff is happening to you recently~! Remember, I'm always here.
[Food Court Application] Cognac Enstatite

(Notes: My second to last gem for the food court, and I freaking love this little gorgeous alcohol bab! I adopted him from :iconspellbop: and his design couldn’t be more perfect. I only fixed up his lower half a tiny bit ;) )


Name: Cognac Enstatite / Coggy, Drunky, Ensta, Shaggy, (only lets close friends call him that)


Food: Cognac Alcohol


Rank: Customer (mixologist in spare time)


Court Age: Old


Personality: Cognac is a charming, flirty Gem who isn’t afraid to approach those he finds attractive and start talking them up. He may come off as a bit lazy, flirtatious and a tiny bit rude at times, but he’s a big softie deep down.

If you were to see him and say hi, he’d say hi back and most likely give you his trademarked ‘Cognac grin’ and do the little finger guns at you. He’s a dorky flirt who loves to meet new gems and all that. He’s a bit secretive about his past on Homeworld, and why he fled to the Food Court when it was still young.

Not even when drunk could he possibly say more. He may act sometimes like he’s all tough-guy and flirty, but deep down he really cares about those around him and would do anything for them, he just thinks showing emotions makes him look weak.

He can get pretty lonely, and likes to be the centre of attention most of the time, which can lead to him getting in trouble a lot just to have eyes on him. If he’s not with any other gem, he wanders about looking for someone to talk to or flirt to. He’s pretty good at taking rejection since he’s had thousands of years to become good at it – not all of his flirting is successful.


Gem Location: Lower Navel (pube gem lol)


Gem Weapon: Emotional Aura Abilities.(like Blue Diamond’s. Explanation in Strengths below!)


Relationships: N/A



Pretty Good Mixologist: In his spare time he actually loves to make his own drinks and all that, though nothing to him is as good as regular ol’ cognac.

Lithe: He’s pretty thin and light on his feet, meaning it’s hard to lay a hit on him.

Charming: He has a way with other gems, and can surprisingly charm a lot of gems into listening, believing him or just befriending them. He’s not a mean guy like Dalmatian Jasper, he’s just looking for some fun or some pals… or someone more?

Heelies To Hide His Feelies: He’s pretty good at hiding his emotions behind a smirk or grin, meaning it’s hard to tell if he’s sad, upset or hiding something.

Emotional Aura Abilities: He can use his aura abilities to project his emotions upon all other gems within a certain proximity. He can use this to boost morale by feeling happy or excited, or make all other gems feel flirty by him feeling flirty. It can trigger unconsciously whenever he feels an extreme emotion, which can lead to bad things like nearly all the court gems feeling depressed or angry and can cause mass chaos. It can affect pretty much any gem no matter how strong-willed, his abilities even strong enough to most likely cause a diamond to feel it.



Bottled Up: He ends up with a lot of bottled up emotions and sometimes has days where he stays in his apartment, drunk and crying his eyes out about everything. And yes, the title of this one was a pun.

Easily Poofed: He’s pretty light, and Enstatites aren’t made for battle so he’s easily poofed by a well-placed strike.

Flirts Too Much: He tends to flirt and charm too much, and this can get him either a slap to the face or kick to the… gemstone. He only flirts because it’s fun, and he does see a lot of gorgeous gems around him. He can’t help himself.

Weaponless: Cannot summon a weapon as Enstatites are made to be moral-lifting gems on Homeworld, meant to use their emotional aura abilities to inspire and rally a diamond’s troops before battle.

Emotionally Unstable: He may appear confident and happy and charming, but deep down he feels deeply depressed and self-loathing. It stems from how he ended up caught up in the gem war for earth and witnessed many of the quartz soldiers he had befriended over time just shatter before his eyes. It’s because of this he also fears poofing or shattering, and tries to avoid confrontation.


Extra Facts:

    -         Enstatites are meant to be troop-rallying gems who raise moral and hype-up soldier gems before battle in order to make them fight harder and do their best. Consider them like cheerleader gems.

    -         He found out he loved cognac when he first arrived to the Food Court and went to the bar. It was the first thing that caught his eye. That and he was already that colour anyway.

    -         Heavily influenced by grunge artists with his clothing.

    -         He’ll never get rid of his goatee for anyone. Not even Tiffany.

    -         He’s a total bro, and will most likely help out if he knows you well.

    -         He often smells like cognac alcohol even when not drunk.

    -         He’ll flirt with both feminine and masculine gems. No-one is safe from his flirting.

    -         If you want hugs, he’s not a hugger, but he’ll give you a crisp hi-five instead.

    -         He couldn’t cook to save his life, but mixing drinks is one of his skills.

    -         If he’s crushing on you, here’s how you tell; he can barely get words out and his face is red the whole time, you know the deal.

    -         He has hobbies too; playing video games, practicing the drums, watching TV, drinking, flirting, drawing (though he’s not as good as he thinks he is), dancing.

    -         Constantly learning new pick-up lines.

    -         He may or may not somewhat resemble Shaggy Rodgers from Scooby Doo.

    -         His emotional aura can be directed at specific gems, though it’s harder than just using it in an Area Of Effect.

    -         Bad at controlling his emotions – ironic considering his old rank and powers.

    -         His room is messy, like for real.

    -         He may or may not like to get high from time to time… ok, he does. But not as much as he likes drinking.

    -         He isn’t a huge fan of wine.

    -         Theme song is “Up In Smoke” by Hollywood Undead.

    -         Voice Claim: Charlie Scene – Hollywood Undead. Listen to “Everywhere I Go” also by HU to get a better idea.

    -         You might say he thinks below the belt, but since his gem is technically his brain and it’s where a certain thingy would be, he is technically thinking below the belt.


Taste In Food: He’ll eat anything, his favourite is anything sugary or spicy. He freaking loves burritos.



“Hey baby *finger guns* what’s up?”

“Damn, baby!”

“Do you mind if I follow you around? I was always told to follow my dreams!”

“Hey baby, I lost my facet and cut code… could I get yours~?”

“Hey baby, are you a gem destabiliser? Because when I look at you, I fall apart!”

“Shouldn’t your food be a veggie? A… cute-cumber perhaps?”

 “I’m not *hic* drunk! Yooouuurrr drunk!”

“If I can’t pronounce it, I’m not eating it. Unless it’s free food. In that case it’s fair game.”

“Yeah boiiiiiiiiiii!!!1!”



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Toaofnight Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank You for watch :)
DualJewels Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem~!
RMLProduction Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello Darling :3
I'm just dropping by to thank you for 
thecute watch and the fav 
You're a lovely person for taking your time to leave such positive review on my art and as such are deeply thanked

Thank you so very much for everything black heart bullet 
with love Mel
DualJewels Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww, no problem~! I love the artwork, it's gorgeous. I'm a huge Don't Starve fan myself~!

The art's so cute, so do you do commissions? I kinda wanted one for around 100-200 points... depends if you'd want to do one for that much.
RMLProduction Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!

And yes my commisions are open.
Usually they are a bit more expensive but for youmy first commisioner
ill do a commision for only 150 points
Dm me what you want exactly you want 
Deathly-Doritos Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2018  New Deviant Student Writer
Heyo, your art is like super duper cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DualJewels Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww, thanks. I try. I'm still improving though~!
Deathly-Doritos Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2018  New Deviant Student Writer
Of course!!! And it's always good to improve, but based on your absolutely stunning avatar, I wouldn't say there's much room! :)
DualJewels Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww, thanks! 
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