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Rockin' Romance

Thanks for your comments we really appreciate your support!

This is a motive we wanted to draw since a long time.
Hope you like the new picture.

greetings to all viewers!

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This is awesome!
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Is it just me or do they look like hufflepuffs? I think that's really cool. whether it was intentional or not, well done. you've restored my hope in hufflepuffs everywhere. (btw, I am a hufflepuff). Epic drawing. :)
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I really love this one !
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Love this picture!
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very cool and cool colors
das sieht hammer aus
nen punk mit einer Gibson SG und ner netten dame
sieht hammer aus
Nimunezen's avatar
oh! So cute ^^ love it.
lolAirborne's avatar
That guy on there is way cute. lol
schon cool was du da zauberst ^^
sag ma werden wir die beiden Herzblätter eigentlich mal ine nem mange sehen?

PS: was steht den bei den aufm shirt?
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is that a mullet? I'm trying to learn how to draw one... if that is could you give me some tips? and i think this is the BEST piece of art i've ever seen!! ^^ :hug:
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I like it sooo much... the characters, the instrument, everything...
Great Job!!! ^^
I LOVE THEM !!!!!!!
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This is absolutely amazing. I love it! :heart:
Baka-Doll's avatar
Das Bild ist einfach....WOW O: ich liebe die Farben und vorallem die Gitarre ♥
MilaxLeeForever's avatar
WOW!!!! That sso coole! i was wondering if i could make a base out of it? if thats ok with you?
SmugLove's avatar
LOVE IT!!!! I love the details of his Tattoo! Its amazing! <3
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wow, this is really good! I love this couple :D :heart:
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