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March 7, 2009
Daft by ~dualform The suggester says: ''I love how you have to really look at it to see the text. And the colours are so vibrant and funky. Definitely a feel-good piece. '' I couldn't agree more with the suggester! The colours are absolutely outstanding, well done.
Featured by Sander-Seto
Suggested by shebid
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another experimental . serving evokeone exhibition 17

alot of people didn't dig it but it's my personal fave.
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Очень красивая работа с цветами Кирилл и в целом композиция выглядит очень гармонично и завораживающе!
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Awwwwwesome ...:thumbsup:
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increadable! I like the color mix, and the shapes, and the simple bg. The colors hits each other, and float in a perfect way! Faved!miss
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That's awesome! I love the colors! I DO dig it! :D
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thank you very much!
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That's great!!!!
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Excellent piece... Cheers!
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love the colors and the composition
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Wonderful! Forever one of your best, the color choices make me :drool:
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wow :o
deservede the dd. nice work.
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Hey this piece have been featured in my text art feature journal - right here [link] ;)
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If only this is a text art :)
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does it say anything or is it just random letters? please dont be offended! i really like it but im struggling to see all the letters!
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it is saying 'daft', thanks.
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wow!! sooo cool:D
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