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This is a fanclub for the rare fans of the unpopular, unheard of game, Dual Hearts, for the Playstation 2. All are welcome, as we few fans have to stick together.
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"Long ago…
There was a time when dreams became reality, and new dreams were born.

It was a golden age for mankind – a paradise on earth.  However, dark desires also manifested themselves…

The Nightmare, born from the evil within people’s minds, shook heaven and earth.  Those who opposed it were turned to ashes…   The world was on the brink of destruction.

“At this rate, the world will surely come to an end.  There is only one way…”

Determined to save humanity from evil, a sage stepped forth, with his brave companion alongside him.

By separating the tainted dream from the real world, the sage weakened the Nightmare’s overwhelming power.

A fierce battle ensued, lasting seven nights and seven days…

And finally, by the power of the Holy Instruments and the Dream Stone, the Nightmare was sealed in the holy land.

The darkness which engulfed the world lifted, and peace was restored.  But the world was now divided in two – dream and reality.  Over the years, the legend became just an old tale… But now, a new chapter is about to unfold…"

♦What is Dual Hearts you say?

Dual Hearts is an rpg created for the PS2 and was released in 2002.

The story follows Rumble, a treasure hunter, who is searching for the legendary Dream Stone on Sonno island. He goes to the island's Temple of Dreams, which is said to house the stone.

He encounters a bumbling Baku named Tumble, who looks like a combination of a pig and a rabbit. Tumble comes from the dreamworld and has botched a request the Queen asked of him. He asks Rumble if he will help him search for the 9 keys to the temple doors in the Temple of Dreams. Rumble agrees knowing it will bring him closer to the Dream Stone.

The keys have scattered and hidden inside the dreams of people on the island. With the help of Tumble, Rumble can enter the dreams of Sonno Island's residents and search for the keys along with other rare items.

♦How come you've never heard of Dual Hearts?

Unfortunately, Dual Hearts was released the same year as some really big, hyped up games. (cough)KingdomHearts(cough), so it was ignored and quickly forgotten.

♦Then why did I make this club?

I LOVE this game!! I love the characters and their designs. I think the plot is fun, creative, and whimsical. And if I can bring the few Dual Hearts fans together, that would be awesome! :3

♦About Joining

Even though I have it set to automatically accept join requests it hasn't been working for anyone. If you'd like to join: comment, note, message the group or me in some way and I will invite you to "members". :)

♦About Art Submissions

Anything Dual Hearts related is wanted in this club. There is no submission limit as there is hardly any art on dA to be submitted here. There are also no sub-folders for the same reason.

♦Interesting Dual Hearts Links
Amazon:… (buy it! xD )
Game Walkthrough:…
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