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It's Time to Conquer Earth!

Ahhh! After 10000 years I'm free. Only one thing left to do!
Rita would have a special place in Gurren Lagann, hawhaw.
Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers.

Sketched on paper, colored in Paint Tool SAI.
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Alpha, Rita's escaped!. Recruit a team of Teenagers with Attitude!

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"Don't go! You'll miss my coming out party, that's when I destroy the nearest planet!"
So much potential. Who'd ever thought that her dreams to conquer a planet would be ruined by 5-6 kids, a tin can, and floating head! I love how you did her excited face!
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i loved the oranigal pover ranes with the dinozords and the green ranger with the dragonzoid
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That's as far as I got so I'll probably like everything after a lot less at this point. ^^;
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i gress ur right
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Outside the 'cone bra', which has never sit well with me and this character, this is an awesomely cute rendition of the alien sorceress!

Any chance you'll be doing the same for the other PR villains? Maybe even the 'guest monsters'?
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Yea her costume design is definitely random, I noticed in the show her head piece sits too high or is sometimes twisted weird.

Eventually actually watching Super Sentai (all of it... maybe) is a goal I have, then I'll probably get inspired to do some others. In PR: Mystic Force Rita turns into Mystic Mother which I'm kind of excited to see. :0
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The whole Mystic Mother thing was actually a sweet act of remembrance from the American sides I think, seeing how the original Japanese actress Machiko Soga passed away sometime before.

And which Super Sentai shows have you checked out so far? Or did you mean American Power Rangers?
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I'm only seen the American, but eventually want to see Super Sentai. I'm curious as to whether it's the same crazy episode plots and stuff. ^^
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Having seen a good number of both, it's a mix. But admittedly, after "Lost Galaxy" the American side did more straight adaptations of the original Japanese episodes.

And sometimes they could be better, as in the case of "SPD" being a MUCH stronger version of "Dekaranger"...though that may be my own preference speaking here.
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Rita/Bandora is probably one of the best villains in sentai.
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She's so cute ... and has a headache. :3
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Wow Wow Wow ... :wow: :love:

I love the Power Rangers .. and I love Rita Repulsa

Very nice work congratulations.
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Aw thanks much! :D
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I love the expression on her face!
It's like shes looking out at space and going...
"It's beautiful!"
"........I'm gonna go conquer it now."

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Even just listening to the beginning of the episodes "Ha! After 10,000 years I'm free! It's time to conquer Earth!" Like obviously that's the first thing you opt for after being imprisoned for ever. She's so happy about it though, like so many ways to interpret it, I'm glad you got that from her expression, lol. ^_^
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I always thought Rita was a pretty happy sounding person.
Evil yes. But happy. least when she wasn't having a headache. XD
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Yeah, that! She's happy, a happy villain with passion. XD
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I remember when I was watching this on TV ... nice job !
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Thanks! It's even funnier watching it now as an adult ... X3
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haha.. I think so ... XD
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