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This is part two of TFTM: TFA style. There were so many images that I ran out of room to post scene and since I didn't want any images on the cutting room floor, I've started to new journal entry to continue the project.


Part 1 -

Unicron addresses Galvatron by du365 Unicron, why do you torture me? by du365 Galvatron ship leaving Unicron by du365 Forward, avanti, and, like, go for the gusto! by du365 Decepticons, we got to draw them off and double... by du365 Cyclonus destroys the Autobot shuttle. by du365 There goes the shuttle! by du365 What do I do? transform transform! you can do it.. by du365 Human germ! by du365 Transform! Yeah! by du365 Magnus, I want the matrix! by du365 TFA: 86 Movie a by NightLokison Ultra Magnus destroyed by du365 Commission: 86 to tfa 6 by LyricaBelachium Dinobots battle the Sharkticons by du365 Me Grimlock say execute them by du365 You get ship if I get trip by du365 TFA from 86 by WhiteSelenite Geroni-do-ron-ron-ron-i-mooooo! - Wreckgar attacks by du365 TFA Wreck-Gar Arcee Commission by iq40 You check but you don't check out by du365 TFA - Bonk by DarioCld   You're all alive!!! by du365 And the answer is...UNICRON! by du365 Unicron answer me! by du365 Transformers Animated THE MOVIE 3 by KaitlinEXE You'll do my bidding or taste my wraith! by du365 Unicron transforming by du365 TFA - You Underestimate Me Galvatron by DarioCld For a time, I considered sparing your wretched.... by du365 But now, you shall witness...its dismemberment! by du365 Unicron attacks Cybertron by du365 Were Under Attack by du365 Jets scrambled to attack Unicron by du365 Decepticons attack Unicron by du365 Decepticons attack Unicron by du365 Galvatron attacks Unicron by du365 Unicron swallows Galvatron by du365 I don't believe it! by du365 Unicron attacks the Autobots by du365 Resists fire rain and corrosion for up to 5 years by du365 The Autobots crash through Unicron eye by du365 I dont know but I hope they didn't get him by du365 86 Animated by Destron23 It will do you no good Autobot it cannot be open by du365 Not by a Decepticon! by du365 Galvatron attacks Hot Rod by du365 Unicron attacks the Dinobot while injured! by du365 Grimlock dodges Unicron eye blast by du365 Slag attacks Unicron by du365 Swoop attacks Unicron by du365 Unicron swats away the Dinobbots by du365 TFA - New Strategy by DarioCldTFA Version Unicron by iq40 Autobots running inside Unicron by du365 Help by du365 Flood opens up within Unicron by du365 Daniel, you did it! by du365 Unicron crushed Wreck-Gar ship by du365 TFA from 86 - 3 by WhiteSelenite TFTM x TFA Galvatron by iq40 TFA - Straight Outta Unicron by DarioCld End of the Cybertronian wars by du365