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Stone with long exposure

Russia - Kola Peninsula

Exposure near 20 min
Image details
Image size
900x599px 96.47 KB
Shutter Speed
3045/10 second
Focal Length
20 mm
Date Taken
Aug 28, 2008, 9:21:12 PM
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Actually 5min exposure..
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tutorial if you can
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a masterpiece! incredible work!
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Amazingly beautiful, very haunting photo.
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20 min?!! what time of the day???
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As I remember it was after sunset, but I've use a lot of dark filters
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how many? would it be really over exposed without them?
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So smooth. :)

Featured: [link]
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How do you get a exposure of 20 min.?
Someone tell me that it's only possible if you use tape over the obturator.. is true?

(sorry for my english >.<;)
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It was evening and I used dark filters CPL and ND's, that's whe I had so long exposure
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I don't remember what exectly filters I used, but I think it was CPL, gray ND 8x and I think grad filer 8x too, or may be two grad filters
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Love love love the colours!! Magic image! Must have been pretty dark?
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Not veru dark
I used filters
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Nice how many and which ones if you dont mind me asking?
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Wooow that's gorgeous.
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Perfect, simply amazing and beautiful, love it :heart:
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wow, this is just stunning. what setup did you use? i.e. filters etc...
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As I remember I used CPL, grey ND 8x and two gradient ND filters 8x
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wow. that's some serious firepower
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Thanks, but it's standart kit of filters that I used in my summer trip, maybe except grey ND 8x filter.
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Nice. I'll have to get some and try it out one day.
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