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Starting now, as what someone at DA suggested, I am doing less on journal entries and post Status Updates mostly, whether its new avatars or special events and whatnot.
I know today - September 5, 2016 - is Labor Day, and we have in 6 days the 15th. anniversary of the September 11, 2001 tragic events.
BREAKING NEWS: My mother this afternoon on August 27, 2016 passed away at the age of 74 from complications of a stroke that occured a month ago following her back surgery that made me cancel plans for 2 August vacations that August 2016 month. She also passed away 6 days before what would have been her 75th. birthday.
...are tonight on August 21, 2016.
This time it's another Bridget T. Dog from My Cage ( avatar.
Is anyone anxious for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil, which start now on August 5, 2016?

Hope the athletes remember their insect repellent to protect themselves from ZIKA VIRUS mosquitoes - LOL!
When you handle a family crisis or something like that, what do you think by the meaning of the phrase "FAMILY COMES FIRST"?
...a HEAT WAVE with a high HEAT INDEX is being expected with record highs close to 100 degrees!

I hope where you live that has HOT WEATHER drink lots of water and keep cool!
Anyone familiar with the conventions for the 2016 Presidental elections?
This week (July 18-21, 2016) is the Republican Convention in Cleveland, Oho.
Next week (July 25-28, 2016) is the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, PA.
I have now reached the 3,000 mark for DeviantArt submissions!
This time it is Snoopy from the Peanuts comic strip.
Remember July 4, 1976 40 years ago today? This was when the USA celebrated the BICENTENNIAL of its 200th. birthday. And today on July 4, 2016 the USA is 240 years old.
...on July 1, 1971 WNBT simucast a Truth or Concequences radio episode for TV becoming the first game show to air on TV.


Also that day was the first ever TV commercial - A few second Bulova Time watch commercial - cost $9 for the spot!

Go to this link for details:…
...have a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY 2016 today!