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DeviantART Eclipse

Sun Nov 18, 2018, 2:03 PM
Ever since the announcement of DeviantART Eclipse I've been seeing a whole lot of negativity about it. I'm not surprised, this happens every time there is an update to DeviantART, regardless of whether the update is good or bad. The truth is that your reaction to DeviantART's new design says more about you than it does about the design. People are just generally opposed to change by nature, even if that change is beneficial to them.

The changes introduced by DeviantART Eclipse offer all of the following benefits:
  • The ability to customize the background of your page
  • The ability to customize your profile without needing to know how to write code.
  • New profile widgets each with their own customization options to make your profile unique.
  • Everybody can now make polls and you can browse for polls.
  • You can now browse for peoples' status posts.
  • You can like comments.
  • Core members can customize the background images of their deviation pages.
  • Core members can now submit videos to the site, something that was restricted to a very few select people in the past (like myself)
I heard a lot of complaints that DeviantART has removed the ability to customize your page. This is anything but true. They haven't removed it, they have just changed how it's done so that it can be accessible to people who don't know how to write code. The only thing that people are complaining about is that they're removing the custom widget in which people used to put specific HTML codes to customize the page, but that is not the same as saying they're removing the ability to customize your profile, there are far more customization options than there ever have been before.

I would like to ask that you don't just jump on a hate bandwagon just because there's change and you saw some popular people complain about it.
I just have a few things to say about the negative reactions:
  • "Nobody wants it": Unless you've interviewed every single person of the millions who use the site, you can't know that. Your only data source is a vocal minority.
  • "They should give an option to change it back": Should they really? Do you also want an option to switch back to version 6, 5 or 4 of the site? There comes a point where progress needs to be made and it is detrimental to look back.
  • "I'm leaving" and "Everybody will leave the site": I've said this countless times, but don't expect me, or half of your other followers, to follow you. If you leave, you should leave with the knowledge that a large portion of the people won't follow you to another website. As for DeviantART losing business and everybody leaving, no, that's not going to happen. This prediction failed for the last 5 versions of the site as well, people make this silly prediction every time.
In summary, whether you like it or not, DeviantART is moving forward and keeping up with the times so as to not get outdated and fall into obscurity. Whether you leave the site or not, they'll keep moving forward with or without you. If you choose to stay, I'm sure you'll eventually learn to embrace the changes which make the site better.

On final positive thing for you if you're still unhappy about the changes!

You have power to change things, but maybe not exactly in the way you'd like. There are things that aren't coming back, like custom widgets (because the ability to write HTML was actually breaking a lot of pages and they want to keep the site's design clean), but you can still give feedback to them and suggestions for new customization features.
Think about why exactly you wanted to write HTML, which items of customization you were using the HTML for, such as background images or embedded videos. Perhaps you can ask for a widget to embed youtube videos onto your page, or to embed songs on your page. You can ask for features, just don't ask for something so vague and general as the ability to write HTML. HTML is the tool, not the goal. The goal can be achieved through other means.

One Commission Slot Available

Wed Aug 8, 2018, 4:32 PM
If you want me to draw something for you, propose your idea and if I find it interesting enough I'll accept the commission.
See commission details in the description of the following infographic:

Furry Artist Feature

Sat May 26, 2018, 12:59 PM
Here's an assortment of furry art from the people who watch me. Look through the whole journal, you might find something you like!
I have sorted the artists randomly and I've chosen up to three pieces from each artist.

Literature! I'll give a short description for each to see if it will get you interested enough to read the rest of it. Some of the stories have more chapters, you can find links to the following chapters in the deviation's description.
Note for GoodKittyNyanchan: I hope these descriptions are good enough, if not then let me know how to improve them.

Furry Twists and Twirls: An unusual phenomenon referred to as "The Fluffening" is transforming people into furries of all sorts. A student, Dale, is about to undergo an extraordinary change, even by Fluffening standards.

Mature Content

The Curse of the Magical Girl: Due to some unusual circumstances, a middle-aged man finds himself forced to transform into a magical bunny girl to save the world from a dark threat.
The Curse of the Magical Girl: Chapter 1By: D. R. Nyan-chan
Chapter 1: Bonky Bunny and the Mysterious Shadows
Fog.  Thick, dense fog as far as the eye could see.  That was the best way to describe the view from Siete Altar.  The altar itself was a stone circular dais about 10 ft. in diameter with seven equally placed square boulders surrounding its circumference.  Atop each boulder, a small entity resided, their figures distorted by the semi-opaque mist.
“Our hope is wan-ing,” one of the figures said.
“Things are not as bleak as they seem,” another figure replied in a deadpan tone.
“We still have a chance to pyon things around-pyon-pyon,” a third jumped in.
“Nyow is the time for us to act.  The time has finyally come to rescue him-nya,” a fourth mewed.
“Not on our ownsies, we were able to locate our chosen ones, but we have to hurry before the meany shadows interfere, tee hee,” a cheery voice

Nytuopia: A cat girl describes the origin story of her world, a world entirely inhabited by cat girls.
Nyutopia Part 1 of 2By: D. R. Nyan-chan
NOTE: Read aloud at your own risk...
Gather around my little kawaiis.  I, Storyteller Sasha, have a wonderful tale to tell.  It’s very important that nyu all knyow the origin-nyof our wonderful Nyutopia and how it came to be-nya.
Unfortunyately, this world wasn’t always the paradise we nyow knyow it to be.  Many, many reincarnyations ago, a joyous and genyerous sky rock gently landed with a "BOOM!" near a small island far in the direction of the Left Paw.  This sky rock had a wonderful gift to share, but unfortunyately rocks don’t move on their own-nyan nyo one knyu that it was there.
Nyaaa, I can’t help but cry w-when I *sniff* think about how l-lonely it must have been-nyaaa.
In the time it took the world to go through all its seasons twice, nyat a single sister came to help *sniff*

One picture from Nullgray's friend:

How many years has it been since I last did one of these? Probably so long ago that most of you weren't even watching me at the time. I want to give people the opportunity to be seen. If you're an artist, apply here! If you like furry art, stay tuned for my next journal, you might find something that you like. I'm going to promote art from my watchers, leave a comment here and you'll probably be featured on my next journal. The rules are:
  1. Apply by leaving a comment on this journal.
  2. Show me a few of the pictures you're most proud of.
  3. This is just for people who are watching me.
  4. I'm only featuring furry art.
As a follow-up to my Burying talent journal, I'd like to give the good news that we have the opportunity to make things change for the better. The DeviantART staff recently changed the front page from "What's Hot" to "Popular 24 hours". This still is not ideal because it's still always the same few artists at the top, but they've made an announcement that they're asking for community feedback on what the front page should be. It doesn't help anybody to give extra promotion to people who are already popular.

If you're interested in helping out all the artists on this site, leave your feedback on their most recent journal:
Experimenting With Browse ModesToday, we’ve made a change to the front page of DeviantArt, updating the default Browse mode from What’s Hot to Popular 24 Hours.  Any change to the front page is never made lightly, and we’ll be closely monitoring how the update impacts traffic to deviations.
In the future, we’ll be making additional updates to the front page — including more variety, providing representation to more unknown artists and genres, and highlighting the breadth and depth of all DeviantArt has to offer. We’ll be sharing more details about this in the coming months.
In the meantime, we’d love to hear about how you browse and what you think of the front page.
How often do you visit the front page?
How often do you browse vs. search?
What sort mode do you use most often?
What would be your ideal front page experience for DeviantArt?

Back when the Newest page was the front, it was guaranteed that, at least for a few seconds, completely new people would be able to see your art when it was submitted. When new people favorite your art, the friends and followers of those people have the opportunity to see that art as well in that person's favorites, and because those other people add it to their favorites, their friends and followers can see it too. A tiny bit of exposure goes a long way, but as of November last year, deviantART gives no exposure at all. If we can have a fair distribution of artists on the front page, everybody will have a higher chance of being found.
Commissions are closed again. What follows is the original journal.


I'm open to do just one commission.

It's been a while since I closed commissions because they take up a lot of my valuable free time and don't pay enough to justify it. This month, I think I have the time and motivation to make one piece of artwork. I won't do an auction or raffle to select the commissioner, instead I'll select the best idea that motivates me to draw.

Tell me your idea through comments or notes and if I like it I might accept to do a commission for you. More descriptive ideas and clear character descriptions or reference pictures are more likely to be selected.

Commission information is here:
Commission Information by DTfox
I was sending off a few fire Vulpixes with Wonder Trade today when I got a very peculiar Pokémon in return, which I immediately identified it as a hacked Pokémon. It's a shiny Bisharp with maxed out stats, is at level 100 and has Pokérus. Its trainer's name is "", which turns out to lead to a Facebook page for a "Retail Company" where they sell generated Pokémon designed to win online competitions. It turns out I'm one of the "lucky" 30 people who got one of these through Wonder Trade.

I hate hacked Pokémon in general but it's especially bad when they're hacked to win competitive battles, that is cheating. A Pokémon like this is practically impossible to obtain through regular methods, so regular players are quite likely to lose any battle against one of these.

I don't want this Pokémon. I thought about giving this away to somebody, but I've decided not to enable the opportunity for another cheat Pokémon to be used in online battles.
I just launched the new design of my website. Check it out!

DTfox: Furry Art

Just a short journal expressing my disappointment with deviantART.

Sometime within the last month it seemed like my settings were being ignored. The front page of deviantART kept on defaulting me to the "What's hot" section, which I don't personally care about. I always have the "Newest" section as my front page so I can easily find new artists without going out looking for them.

After a day or two I figured something big had changed and I couldn't find any settings to choose my front page, so I decided to check deviantART HQ. hq The first thing was the usual annoying corporate contests they're always promoting, but scrolling down was an article labeled "Phasing out the today page".
Phasing Out The Today Page
This change has now been rolled out to all deviants and visitors.
Three years ago, we launched the Today page with the intention of creating a daily “newspaper” about art and community activity. While it served its purpose in some ways, it unfortunately didn’t get as much traction as we hoped, and we noticed a lot of deviants switched their default page to the browse pages.
Starting today, we’re beginning to phase out the Today page. Over the past months, we’ve moved some of the Today Page’s features, like Daily Deviations and polls, to the front page of the mobile site. In keeping with the original intention of the Today page, we've also made the default page "What's Hot" to showcase a cross-section of the day's trending deviations.
As we move forward, we plan on focusing on improving the front page of DeviantArt, making it easier to find fresh content, inspirational activities, and deviants th

I took a look even though my issue had nothing to do with the Today page and I found that they had forced the "What's hot" section to be everybody's front page. This is very disappointing to me because people who are already popular don't need more exposure. DeviantART should be doing their best to help talented artists that aren't popular get found. The issue I have isn't that I, personally, can't get to the Newest or Undiscovered section easily, but that everybody on the site is being sent to the "What's hot" page, a majority of them will not even realize it or they won't care and won't ever go back to the Newest or Undiscovered sections and this results in statistically less exposure for newer artists.

With this change, deviantART is essentially burying talent. Artists have to work extra hard now to get found.
I'm an ambitious person, there are so many things I want to do. I'm a creator, I feel unfulfilled if I don't spend at least some of my time creating things. The list of things I want to create has been getting pretty long.

There are lots of things I want to draw and lots of different things my watchers are expecting from me. Some of my watchers want to see more furry girls, some want to see Umbreon and friends, other people want to see specific fanart (Krystal and Renamon, perhaps?) and a few of them even want to see more art of DTfox. There are a couple of artists I'd like to trade art with as well. Then there's the fact that I make other art that I haven't uploaded here. It's quite a long list of things for me to draw and at my best I can put out one drawing a week if I don't spend time on anything else.

Art isn't my only talent, it isn't even my best talent, I'm much better at programming. I've picked up a few other skills that I'm not terribly bad at over the years as well, I can do some musical composing, 3D modelling, character design and story outlines among other things. I've always wanted to create something bigger, like a comic, cartoon or videogame. You can see a few attempts throughout my gallery such as Firefox and Kya, the former is abandoned, the latter is merely on hold. Those are just the projects I've shown here, I have a lot of other ones that I always kept to myself. If you keep a project a secret there will be nobody to point at you when you fail, so I mostly tend to keep projects a secret until I've built up enough material that I have something worth showing. So I'll admit right now I'm working on a videogame project which I started in February, that's why I haven't been uploading much art this year. I stopped working at the end of May so I could get some art done (most of it isn't here) but I'm going to see if I can interlace my art time with my game development time. Don't expect to see anything about the videogame this year, just pretend I didn't mention it.

Since programming is my primary talent, I am working as a developer for a company (not a software company, just boring business stuff). My job is a major problem for me because it takes up so much of my time, it's not a terrible job, but I spend eight hours there, over an hour traveling between it and home and often I'm too tired after work to work on art or anything else so I need a break for an hour or more. On top of that, there are lots of things that take up time when I'm not at work, such as doing laundry, going to the store, housework and appointments. In summary, I basically only work on art and projects on the weekend and whenever I am not too tired in the afternoons. I'm also lazy on weekends and sleep in a lot.

Congratulations on making it this far, leave a comment if you went through all that. I'm not going to stop making art, I'm actually going to try to do more if I can.

On an unrelated note!

I also wanted to talk about a different topic that's been on my mind for years: It's hard to find a trustworthy creator partner. I'm not saying people are mean or dangerous, I'm referring to the fact that I feel like I can't trust to split my work with another person. I hope some people reading this can understand the feeling when I explain it. There are a few reasons why I can't trust other people:

The first reason is that almost everybody who would probably be willing to help me is actually not very good. I would hate to have to tell anybody directly that the quality of their work doesn't meet my standards. Some of you might be thinking "Well, I'm not one of those people." but you might, in fact, be one of them only you just aren't able to view your own work critically.

The second reason is that they can't read my mind, they'll make ideas or art that doesn't match what I envisioned for the project. I could reject it or ask them to change it, but it feels bad especially if they're a partner and not somebody who's being paid a salary, and even if I was paying them it still feels bad.

The last reason is that a whole lot of creators, however talented, actually cannot draw anything outside of their specific style. This is a flaw I've seen even with really popular artists. When I ask you to create a picture, 3D model, music or whatever else, I need it to match the style and theme I envisioned. If you draw a character based on a reference, the shapes and proportions need to be exactly as it was designed, details like the separation between eyes, length of the arms, and shape of the nose are all really important. It has to look exactly as if the original artist had drawn it.

I want to know if you've ever had the same feeling. If, by any chance, you happened to be collaborating with me on my projects, I hope you would forgive me for being harsh.

▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░░░░░ Glaceon: 6 (35%)
▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░░░░░░░ Umbreon: 4 (23.5%)
▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░░░░░░░ Vulpix : 4 (23.5%)
▓░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ Eevee  : 1 (6%)
▓░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ Espeon : 1 (6%)
▓░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ Sylveon: 1 (6%)
░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ Flareon: 0 (0%)
░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ Jolteon: 0 (0%)

-------- Original journal --------
I can't do polls, so just answer with a comment here. If you want an anonymous vote for some reason just send me a note. Options outside the list don't count.
This poll closes tomorrow around this time (2017-06-16 19:00 GMT).

Umbreon No Escape by DTfox
Espeon Animated Pin-Up Frisky Espeon by DTfox
Vulpix Animated Pin-Up Lusty Vulpix by DTfox
Eevee Eevee by DTfox
Flareon Lazy Day by DTfox
Jolteon Happy to See Me? by DTfox
Glaceon Do You Love Me? by DTfox
Sylveon Oh, h-hello! by DTfox
In the deviantART community, commission refers to the production of art in exchange for money. In the past commissions were done exclusively for money. Since managing money was moderately difficult, mostly only dedicated artists were doing them; but deviantART introduced the points system, an internal currency that's really easy to manage. Since then, plenty of people have begun doing "point commissions," the production of art in exchange for points.

For deviantART, 100 points is equal to one dollar: You pay deviantART one dollar, you get 100 points. For the artist, 100 points is equivalent to 80 cents: You return your points back to deviantART and they give you 80 cents. In short, deviantART makes 20% of the profit on your sales. This is OK for most people and is not really the point I'm trying to get to, but it's something you should take into consideration if you're selling art. The reason I'm bringing this up is to give people an idea of how much value points have, for simplicity we'll assume one point is one cent, but it's actually less.

The vast majority of point commission prices I have seen on deviantART are extremely low, 50 points, 10 points or even just one point. My question to these artists is What do you want these points for?

There is only one thing that deviantART points can buy for you: A core membership. The cheapest core membership you can buy is 1200 points for 3 months. If you're making 10 points per commission, you would have to draw 120 pictures to buy yourself a core membership. The core membership lasts three months, approximately 90 days, so in order to keep renewing your membership you need to sell 40 pictures in a month. Even the most popular artists don't get 40 clients a month and if they did, they could not finish 40 pictures in that time span.

So with a core membership out of the question, the other thing you can get from points is real cash. As I mentioned earlier, the exchange rate is 100 points to 80 cents, but we'll round it off to a dollar for simplicity. You get a dime for each 10 point picture you sell, If you wanted to buy a drink at Starbucks you would need to sell at least 50 pictures. With the money you're making from selling your art you are barely better off than giving it away for free.

If you're doing commissions for points, think very carefully why you have chosen to do this and think carefully about what prices you're putting on your art. The price you put on your art is the true value you're giving it. If you're selling your art for a dime, you're telling people it's only worth a dime. You deserve better than that. Even if it only took you 10 minutes to make your picture, that's still over 10 times less than minimum wage.

Are you earning points for a reason or are you doing it just to feel important?
I regret not making art more frequently, but I've had quite a lot of other things to work on lately. I'm not sure when I'll upload my next picture, but stay tuned.
Just a short guide, hopefully objective, of what the numbers on your profile really mean.

People are coming into your page, they're finding you through links to your page. Pageviews don't indicate how good you are as an artist, but give an idea of how much people know you and are talking about you. Not all people who visit your page are going to like your art, even if they did happen to come across it, so pageviews are not reliable as a measure of how popular your art is.

A favorite indicates that somebody liked your art (or on rare occasions they're just seeking attention). Favorites are very good because they show thumbnails of your art on other peoples' pages. Favorites are the best way to get your art seen by more people.

Comments give you insight on how people feel about your art. Comments serve as a morale booster, but don't provide anything to you from a technical point of view. On the other hand, comments are actually a way for other artists to get links to their page from your art. From a technical point of view, giving comments is a lot better than receiving them. Comments are a great tool for both people involved, but be sure that when you leave comments they are something that will make the other artist feel good about themselves.

The number of watchers you have is the most reliable indicator that your art is liked. If you're getting tons of pageviews and very few watchers it means you're getting a lot of exposure, but there's something wrong with the content on your page.
Ubisoft Buy the several different deluxe versions of our game and you'll get to experience the full product. Don't forget to buy our iconic merchandise.

EA Nothing is too shady if it makes good profit.

Activision Whether you like it or hate it, Call of Duty will continue making massive profits for the foreseeable future.

Konami What's making big money today? Pachinko machines? Free-to-play mobile games? Zombie games? Let's make those things and attach our brand names to them.

Square Enix Here are some amazing games you've all been waiting for, they may even come to stores in your lifetime.

Namco, Capcom, SEGA I said major third party game publishers.
It's been perhaps two years or so since this trend started with people creating imaginary species and labeling them "closed" which is supposed to mean that nobody else can create characters of that species without their permission. The truth of the matter is that you cannot legally own a species, they're either too vague to be copyrightable or, if they're specific enough to be copyrightable, you cannot stop somebody from making something similar because the copyright protection is in the details. In the latter case, your creation is not actually a species, but a character. Characters can be copyrighted but only if they're very specific.

An example of a closed species that I've seen around is "foxfans". While you may have been capable of convincing people to pay you for permission to draw one, you cannot legally stop anybody from drawing a fox with a fan for a tail, the idea is much too simple.

Another fact is that you can't copyright names, you might have come up with a beautiful and unique name for your species, maybe something like "Kar'zic". You cannot legally stop anybody from using that label on anything they draw, even if it looks like your species. At least not through copyright law, you're free to go to your government's trademark office and pay a fee to protect the usage of that name as it relates to your brand. I'll respect your trademark.

My observations seemed to indicate that people like closed species because it allows them to become popular and make money at the same time. They can have people drawing their species for them, effectively advertising, and make money in the process by charging "licensing fees". Some people might think that, while it's not illegal to draw one of these species, it's unethical to do so without permission of the person who created it, but I would disagree. I actually find it more unethical that somebody would try to restrict the rest of humanity from drawing such a simple concept or something similar to it.

In summary, if I want to draw a fox with a fan on its tail (which I don't, I think it looks silly) I can do so, and I can even label it "foxfan" and you cannot force me to pay you for it or even give you credit. On the other hand, I'm all for protecting the rights of artists who have created truly unique, well defined characters with a lot of effort put into them.
With new Pokémon games coming soon I figured I should explain what I like about them. My favorite part of the games is exploring and discovery. I like visiting towns for the first time not knowing that's in them, looking through all the buildings and talking to people. I like finding secret paths on the roads. I like watching a Pokémon evolve to find out what it becomes next. I like walking through the grass not knowing what's going to appear.

With how the internet works these days it's very difficult to keep all of these a secret until I get the game. Every time any bit of information shows up about the game there are hundreds of journals and fanart on deviantART, I can tell when an announcement has happened without even looking at secondary sources. To me these things are real spoilers, but I live in a world where nobody thinks they are. There's no way I'm getting the whole internet to keep quiet, but I just wanted to talk about it anyway. Maybe I'm not the only one with this problem.
I haven't submitted a full work of art in a few weeks. I'm not taking a break, I'm just taking more time to work on larger projects, but hopefully sometime soon I can draw something to put on deviantART.
I'm opening commissions again. See information here:
Commission Information by DTfox

Tell me what you'd like me to draw and if I like the idea we can make a deal.
In an effort to give back to the community, I'd like you to show off your own art.
What kind of art do you like most?
Which pieces are you most proud of?
Is there anything you would like help improving?

I may leave comments or constructive criticism if you allow it and maybe I'll feature some of your art in another journal.