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Zangoose - Wanna... touch them?

Zangoose is feeling loving today.

I heard ridiculously large breasts is what's popular, so here you go. I challenged myself to finish something quickly, it took approximately an hour.
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Silkenvixen's avatar
She looks so embarrassed, it makes her so ky00t!
erizoxp's avatar
awww i love her :D
Rat-Man1's avatar
What a cutie. ^w^
Charchu-Devin's avatar
aww, shes so cute that I wana hug her, but.. I wont for fearing I might, make her more scared
ModelOmegaTyler's avatar

whelp, it's hug time

WizardlyWalrusKing's avatar
so floofy and cute !
Dragonveteren's avatar
gg422's avatar
DTfox's avatar
You'll understand when you're older.
DTfox's avatar
I guess there's not much I can do for you, then.
XSDSTITCH's avatar
Thats a nice Zangoose here
Flutterbunny76's avatar
You forgot the "scar"
DTfox's avatar
I'm aware of it, but too lazy to fix. That's what happens when I try to finish a picture quickly.
Chaostales's avatar
Nah, you look too innocent, unless you want me to, otherwise I would rather interest her in a back massage
DTfox's avatar
She wants it, she's just shy.
Chaostales's avatar
SuperMarioSuperStar's avatar
Only with her permission, of course.
KendraEevee's avatar
I think I'll start by scratching behind her ears.
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