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Wild Umbreon Was Caught

Caught by a lusty Vulpix.
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Vulpix: why my pet?

I want to have sex with her feel's good.

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Vulpix: You, me, bed, NOW!

Umbreon: I-I was supposed to say that!

Vulpix: Well, honey, it's MY turn to dominate you! So let's go to bed~

Umbreon: Y-Yes, ma'am...
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lol poor AND lucky Umbreon hehe!~
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These two look so cute together and I love how suggestive you made his look hehe
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Please draw more!
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Best thing to get caught by!
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good job vulpix
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Nice, I like your style, you have really nice lines! And the facial expressions are great! Keep it up ^^
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Thanks! I'm doing my best to keep new art coming in!
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Very nice!  :3
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Absolutely beautiful <3
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Oh my~
Only a couple ways I see this ending~ ;3
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Dude I can come up with 50 ways of this ending
And some of them are really perverted
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I can also come up with 50 ways of this ending.
All of which are perverted =///////=
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