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Umbreon Speedpaint

This is what you wanted me to draw, right?

Finished in 3 hours.

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aaaaaawwwwwwwwwww <3

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I love him, I just want to cuddle with him and give him smooches. ❤️

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I feel obligated to protect this poor guy. Think about it, EVER DAY! He is sexually harassed by his female peers. He involintarily has to engauge in sexual activities with them on a regular basis. DTFox, if you are listening to this, save him from this hell. Let him live happy like all the other wild pokemon.

...or maby I’m just crazy. ;w;

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Umbreon likes it but doesn't want to admit it.

so that's why he's shy

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Aww, this pose look very cute. Like this eyes :>

Love your artwork btw


Umbreon like this is cute

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Absolutely precious.

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Super cute! Love his pose owo

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oooo wat a beauty :3

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I love this so much.
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*pulls Umbreon into a cuddle frenzy*

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That is so adorable love the massive eyes
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Awesome Umbreon! :)

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Oh my Gosh! I think this is your best art!

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I wanna hug this cute Umbreon!
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