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Room for One More

By DTfox
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Looking for a cute third player for a cuddle party.
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What a cute, wholesome hug! ; D

At least, I think that's what this is...

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What!? Oh no! I'm not going in there! I...?
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Are there any other artists that post the same kind of content as this? I can't seem to find any.
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There probably are plenty. What exactly are you looking for?
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Stuff like the suggestive pictures like the ones you do with Umbreon and the others.
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There are artists who do similar things, though I can't think of many just this moment. Ancesra and FireEagle2015 are some artists that I like.
Umbreon's Christmas Snapshot by Ancesra Eevee starter by Ancesra
  Steamy night [Commission] by FireEagle2015 Wubs [Commission] by FireEagle2015
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Oh, thank you! Their art is nice!
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May I join in?
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me! me! me! choose me! i'm a lonely cat :(
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Me(I'm a male flareon not saying it again):Uhhh *blushes and faints on top of them*
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They sure look very fluffy and cute, I bet they are waiting for Umbreon XD
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I can't stop looking at them.

There eye's are so strong and beautiful. OwO
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I'm in! OwO :heart:

I love there looks.
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Oh dear god I would love to be smooshed between the two of them.
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How about Umbreon? :3 I'm sure he'd LOOOOOOOVE to join >D
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That's quite cute indeed~
CandyTheCatBR's avatar
hey, can my cat OC go?
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*blushing* S-Sure thing ladies
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I'd be more than happy to join!! *does so*
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Damn, I'm not cute. I don't qualify to join
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Same man. Same...
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