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Ninetales is a lovely fox Pokémon. She totally deserves another picture in my gallery.

She's the same Ninetales as last time (Anthro Ninetales). In this picture you get to see her actual fur color, previously her fur was tinted more orange due to the lighting.

The original image is 4000x3000, would make a nice poster.
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To be honest, though, it would be nice seeing Ninetales here "fully naked" (without her underwear too) as an edited copy. Hey, it is the same thing that occured to SigurdHosenfeld's "Summer Peach" art - some other person, not the creator of that art, somehow managed to edit it very well, so it then displays Princess Peach "without her bikini on". Don't believe me? Look for it!

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this is making my childhood a lot better
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Love the way you draw Ninetales eyes :d makes them look natural ^^
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Top tier anthro!
Best Ninetales I've saw in internet so far
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Holy lord of all sexy pokemon pics this is just
To damn amazing
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awww soooo cute and adorable. :meow:
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Mrrr, thanks.
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ahehe your welcome. nya~:meow:
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Dawww...cute again!
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Thanks, I'm glad you like it.
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A fluffy cushion of tails.
Nice work on the colour, shading and pose idea of the ninetales.
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very cute pose
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A lovely fox indeed~ Though, I shall refrain from making "foxy" puns.
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