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Espeon and Umbreon

Whose position would you rather be in?
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Umbreon. For that sweet sultry vixen of an Espeon. :heart:
HarunaTheWolfea's avatar
I would be in neither xD but if i had to neither I AM NONOT WILLING TO LICK ANYONE OR BE LICKED BY ANYONE 
SabrinaKittyArtist's avatar
Espeon's position :3
eevee-master27's avatar
I would take Umbreon's position for sure! He is definetly shy like me, but I don't get any girls... I cry every time... :(
I did not hit unfavourite I call bs
theBluYu's avatar

XD lol his look of surprise is so ADORBZ.
Spatan98's avatar
I wouldn't mind taking either one, but I kinda like having a woman that's a little more forceful cuddling up to me like that, so Umby ma pal, MOVE OVER!
that girl loves me
Scarleth-Adopts2's avatar
Umbreon is like "wtf"
jacobups4051's avatar
YEP! Umbreon is my vote...I love that expression on his face!
mullan007's avatar
It's that 'Come here, big boy' look that makes this so good.
ApennilessARTIST's avatar
Nicely done! I like their faces, especially Umbreon's! I wouldn't mind spending a little time in his place. XD
Eastern-Fox's avatar
Hmm, I wouldn't mind being in Umbreon's spot. XD Nicely done, dude, I really like how you shaded their fur. ;)
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Hey, it's been a while since I've heard from you.
michaelmas's avatar
I tend to keep a low profile
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