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Costume Party

By DTfox
Look who Espeon found at the costume party!

Congratulations to those who guess what the costumes are of. Even more congratulations to those who know where these costumes originated.

You guys are lucky, I've submitted this one at a considerably high resolution.
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This is cute. c:
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I just realized. You've done every Eeveelution except Vaporeon.  Any reason?
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I draw what I like to draw. I don't like Vaporeon or Leafeon as much as the others. I only drew Leafeon because I was doing it for somebody else.
Hey DTfox how can I see or watch yours comics?
And yours draws or art are very good I want to draw like this.
Is a good art. :3
DTfox's avatar
I haven't drawn many comics, there are some in my gallery if you look for them.
theBluYu's avatar
Oh. MY. GOSH. So kawaii!!!!

I must favorite this!

My life has meaning! (I'm being paranoid.)

Hey DT, I absolutely adore your art. Would it be all right if I used it on a profile of mine? I claim no ownership over it.
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You say you love my art, but you're not watching me and have nothing in your favorites. Given the current situation, I cannot grant permission to use my artwork.

On which website is this profile?
Ah, this is just for a mobile app called Amino—which has a large furry subcategory.

And sorry if I'm being rude by not having your photos in my favorites or the like—I barely keep active on Deviant Art and I usually look at artwork through either Tumblr, E6, or FA. I don't even have a profile picture for it :(
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Mifesto isn't a pokemon, But you got the other one right.
theBluYu's avatar
crimsonhallow's avatar
Actually, now that I think about it, it kinda looks like Noibat...
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You might just be right about that...
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I think Umbreon is suppose to be Noibat and Espeon Mismagius
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:iconyuiglompplz: I hope nyor ready to take responsibility for the nyassive huggie cravings this piece is giving me. :heart: :iconazu-nyanplz:
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No need to try and guess what Espeon is, but Umbreon doesn't look like anything I know.
Blazefan3669's avatar
Espeon's a Mismagius, what's Umbreon?
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