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Commission for JCMasterman

By DTfox
I finally finished this commission for JCMasterman, so here it is.
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Mmmmm. That lifted-breasts looks is just... *chef kiss*

Well is't that inviting. 
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I wanna join her in this bed!  Excited nod 
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My mind is broken, this is fantastic mr fox porno. :/ I can just imagine a scene in that movie George cloneys  character has the bath room door looked with him inside. And this is the images he's looking at for 3 minutes while whacking off in there.

I'm mean it this looks like a sketch from fantastic mr fox.
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Well I still like it.
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Hehe, this looks good~
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I honestly can't do enough justice to how awesome this looks. The colors, shading, detail, it all just looks very natural. The way you handled the lighting is also very impressive. :) I love the vixen's expression (I wish I had named her. XD), and the pose is very eye-catching, to say the least. ;3 Ah, who am I fooling, it's very sexy. XD

I can't thank you enough for this, DT, you're the best! :hug: I'm very happy with it. :D
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