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Animated Pin-Up Frisky Espeon

By DTfox
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Espeon says "Hey there, cutie!"
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Oh shoot, she saw my thoughts... Welp better run while I can or else I'll end up like umbreon XD
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You have just earned a new watcher. :D
Frisky? More like sultry. Man does she know how to tease! :faint:
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Aw, I love it OwO
I wish I were any good at animating...
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I think you can learn to animate, it just takes a bit of patience.
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I love that term in relation to digital art... ._.
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If you really are interested in pursuing animation, I'm sure you can achieve it. Don't give up before you start. Anything is possible if you put the time into it, as long as you're not physically handicapped.

I can give you some help and advice if you're willing to put the effort into it.
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If ya want...I mean, really my biggest problem with practicing animation is literally having not enough time to do it...I always forget to finish art and things that take me more than one day to do...
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I know that it's hard to tell from the finished product, but art is not easy for me. I just put a lot of time and work into it. Making art isn't easy, but as long as you keep working on it whenever you find some time it will get done eventually and you'll have something to be proud of. Don't think of it as something to do later on, you can start right away. Think of a simple idea and just start drawing, something simple like a blinking animation.
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Well that's easy, the character barely has to move
I mean things like this where the character physically moves their body around
Stuff that I've wanted to learn for a while, my first attempts at animation were supposed to be DS-era Pokemon-style sprites...
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Talking about the DS, if you have a DSi or 3DS there's a great program on it called Flipnote Studio which is good for learning to animate.

The way to animate moving objects is to draw a few different pictures, called keyframes. Three of them is probably enough for a simple animation. Once you have keyframes, it's not hard to look at two frames and draw what should go between them.
Flash Animation Tutorial by creatureart
This tutorial is really good at explaining animation. It says it's for flash, but what it teaches works well even for traditional hand-drawn animation.
Since the tutorial is made in Flash you won't be able to see it on a phone or tablet, you will need a computer to see it.
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Remember, boys, she's psychic. She hears all those dirty thoughts you're having of her.
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this is so cute! X3
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oh wow thats so perfectly animated
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I was about to say the same thing.  The loop is almost perfectly seemless.  DT must be a professional animator to do this animation that good.
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yes definantly!! OwO
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I feel so creeped out because of how she is staring at me
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So darn attractive, but sadly, she is umbreon's girl.
I shan't mess with another man's woman!
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the animation is really smooth, good job
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Wahhh?!?!?? WhT have you done to Espeon??
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