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Animated Pin-Up Lusty Vulpix by DTfox Animated Pin-Up Frisky Espeon by DTfox No Escape by DTfox I'm So Happy to See You! by DTfox What do we have here? by DTfox Wild Umbreon Was Caught by DTfox

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Animated Pin-Up Tina by DTfox

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DTfox: Duotone fox
A cute black and white fox that likes drawing Pokémon and furries. I also like playing videogames, building websites and programming.


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I do commissions. Tell me what you want me to draw and if I like the idea we can make a deal.
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Furry Artist Feature

Sat May 26, 2018, 12:59 PM
Here's an assortment of furry art from the people who watch me. Look through the whole journal, you might find something you like!
I have sorted the artists randomly and I've chosen up to three pieces from each artist.

Literature! I'll give a short description for each to see if it will get you interested enough to read the rest of it. Some of the stories have more chapters, you can find links to the following chapters in the deviation's description.
Note for GoodKittyNyanchan: I hope these descriptions are good enough, if not then let me know how to improve them.

Furry Twists and Twirls: An unusual phenomenon referred to as "The Fluffening" is transforming people into furries of all sorts. A student, Dale, is about to undergo an extraordinary change, even by Fluffening standards.
Furry Twists and Twirls 1By: D. R. Nyan-chan
WARNING: Do not read this story if you offended by the notion of yardstick-wielding meerkats.
Chapter 1: The First Twist
“Same old postings, same old news.”  Dale smiled and sighed with relief as he browsed the local job openings on various sites.  “It looks like my plans for summer are safe.”  A few clicks later and the windows were closed.  Dale then ran a hand through his round cut, raven black hair as he read a handout for a class project.
“Guess who?” someone said as two somewhat bulky arms wrapped around Dale’s shoulders and a fuzzy face full of light brown beard rested to the left of his neck.
“Hey, Dann,” Dale said with a chuckle; not even the slightest bit of surprise shone in his green eyes.  “You might want to be a little more careful.  Ms. Northingston’s the one on duty and you know how good she is at sneaking up on people.”
“But I really ne

The Curse of the Magical Girl: Due to some unusual circumstances, a middle-aged man finds himself forced to transform into a magical bunny girl to save the world from a dark threat.
The Curse of the Magical Girl: Chapter 1By: D. R. Nyan-chan
Chapter 1: Bonky Bunny and the Mysterious Shadows
Fog.  Thick, dense fog as far as the eye could see.  That was the best way to describe the view from Siete Altar.  The altar itself was a stone circular dais about 10 ft. in diameter with seven equally placed square boulders surrounding its circumference.  Atop each boulder, a small entity resided, their figures distorted by the semi-opaque mist.
“Our hope is wan-ing,” one of the figures said.
“Things are not as bleak as they seem,” another figure replied in a deadpan tone.
“We still have a chance to pyon things around-pyon-pyon,” a third jumped in.
“Nyow is the time for us to act.  The time has finyally come to rescue him-nya,” a fourth mewed.
“Not on our ownsies, we were able to locate our chosen ones, but we have to hurry before the meany shadows interfere, tee hee,” a cheery voice

Nytuopia: A cat girl describes the origin story of her world, a world entirely inhabited by cat girls.
Nyutopia Part 1 of 2By: D. R. Nyan-chan
NOTE: Read aloud at your own risk...
Gather around my little kawaiis.  I, Storyteller Sasha, have a wonderful tale to tell.  It’s very important that nyu all knyow the origin-nyof our wonderful Nyutopia and how it came to be-nya.
Unfortunyately, this world wasn’t always the paradise we nyow knyow it to be.  Many, many reincarnyations ago, a joyous and genyerous sky rock gently landed with a "BOOM!" near a small island far in the direction of the Left Paw.  This sky rock had a wonderful gift to share, but unfortunyately rocks don’t move on their own-nyan nyo one knyu that it was there.
Nyaaa, I can’t help but cry w-when I *sniff* think about how l-lonely it must have been-nyaaa.
In the time it took the world to go through all its seasons twice, nyat a single sister came to help *sniff*

One picture from Nullgray's friend:


Here's a preview of the animation I've been working on.
It should be done soon.
Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian watchers! Even if you're not Canadian, I hope today is a good day for you too.
What happens to people when they move on from DeviantART? Do they still draw? Do they still like the same things?

I come across inactive accounts from artists I used to like and wonder what they're doing now.
Do you want better comments on your art?

If you're tired of one-word comments and want them to be more interesting, give people something to talk about! Ask questions, make your art tell a story, give a personality to your characters or add ambiguity. You can see these tactics on some of my pictures.

As an artist it's up to you to make people want to write comments, you have this power!

Even then, I appreciate all of your comments and I'm grateful even when you favorite without writing a comment. Short comments aren't a bad thing, it just means there's not a lot to say about the picture.
What kind of pictures are you watching me for?


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