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Abandoned account

I have another active account, send me a note or chat if you want to see it.

DTfox: Duotone fox

A black and white fox that likes drawing Pokémon and furries. I also like playing videogames, building websites and programming.

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I do commissions, but I only take jobs that interest me.

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Fan Art

Fanart of my characters is permitted, but only on DeviantART and you must link back to my DeviantART page.

Favourite Games
Solatorobo, Xenoblade Chronicles, Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo Switch
Tools of the Trade
Wacom Intuos, Adobe Photoshop CS
Other Interests
Videogames, programming
If 1% of my watchers interact with this post maybe I'll get back to making art here
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A long read about how DeviantArt isn't the art community it used to be. I don't know who's going to care enough to read it. DeviantArt seems empty and lifeless these days. I keep getting new watchers but the accounts are empty, they have no posts, journals, art or even profile descriptions. People aren't interacting with each other these days. The people who started watching me in the last month probably won't read or reply to this post. In the past every account I came across, whether artist or art appreciator, had personality. They had a lively description of themselves on their profile page, posted journals regularly, showed off their favorites with pride. These days, almost all of the people who bother to make their account look alive are only doing it to sell you something. I don't have a problem with artists trying to make a living on their art, but I think it's a mistake turning DeviantArt into a storefront, and I have a major problem with young teenagers just getting into
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Do you have alternative accounts on other sites?

Happy birthday 🎉

Will you ever do commissions?

*sees that you posted a status update earlier*

"Abandoned account"

time to randomly spam the account to keep it active

yeah she was an amazing artist

do you draw Robot Jones and Skullgirls with a heartbeat?