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I was scheming then

Finally, it's colored! I started coloring this pic ages ago but never finished it. Today, I've been inspired to finish all those incomplete pics, so here it is! "I was scheming then" in full color at last!

So, Demona's being all lovey-dovey with Elisa, but we can see that she's secretly dreaming about taking her jacket as a trophy and setting her corpse on fire. Yes, that's Demona in the thought balloon. It's her "fire" scheme from Awakening: Part V!

Once again, this is a series that explores what would really happen if Elisa and Demona got together. There would be plenty of heartbreak, tears, blood, guts and FIRE! MAZA ON FIRE! Don't you just love it?

And yes, I suck at drawing human feet. I'm working on it!

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Demona looks good in that jacket