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Tales of Zestiria Chars (Pack 3)

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Ripped via Ninja Ripper and PC version of Tales of Zestiria.

These model's arn't rigged at all. If nothing opens, use Noesis to convert the DAE files to FBX and use the FBX files to import into any modeling program. Max files included is for max 2012


if ur 3ds max cant open, i have the models in DAE format. Just use the textures from the packs above.!k80U2QKJ!7uNoIOEjXNy…
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Okay so I exported Zavid's dae file to fbx and then what? Should I use Blender or what? I wanna convert Zavid to xps.
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use whatever u want, but you'll have to make bones and rig him yourself.
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I'll get some help.
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Hello! I've love your models! <33 And is there a way I can get the link if it's not a bother?
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Can I have them? I would like to try rigging them and using them if it is possible
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Hey, those are amazing! Can I have those models please?
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Would it be possible to do Heldalf? I'd do it myself, but Cheat Engine + Ninja Ripper = crash
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sadly I don't have the game anymore (nor save file), soo..... most likely no
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Could I have these models please !
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Hello I would also like links please 💕
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I hope some of the people who were sent the packs are able to rig them up because I would love to see fanart made with these wonderful characters 
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Awesome! I'd like the link as well :)
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Hello, May I have the link for all the Tales of Zestiria model packs?
I collect models and sometimes port them over to Gmod. I'll inform you if ever I do.
Thanks in advance!
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было бы интересно увидеть их в Garrys mod

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Thanks a lot!
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Can I have the link for these?
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whoa!... nerver thought i will find T.Zestria 3D models at DA.
Can i have the link? onegaishimasu!Rem Looks Icon 
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